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  1. Redneckryder

    I think I am too tall....

    Got an 05...Everytime I get in, I bump my head off the door jam. Then, as I drive, my head rubs on the roof. Has anyone run into this problem, and what do I do to fix it??
  2. Redneckryder

    Got a new ranger.....again.....LOL

    So, I used to see you guys post on here that you have owned 5 or 6 rangers, and I was like "Damn....you're obsessed." So I am buying my 6th one saturday....LOL. My question to my fellow obsessed owners is...What is your favorite year? I have owned a 92, 93, 95, (2) 01, and I am buying an...
  3. Redneckryder

    95 2wd 2.3 quit...no spark or fuel??

    This one is throwing me for a loop. My truck sat all winter, spring came around and it fired right up. Drove it back and forth to work for a week, no problem. Went to the store on Sunday morning, as I turned in, it died. No stumble, no surge, no anything. Like I turned off the key. I have...
  4. Redneckryder

    Help me, smarter than me people!!

    1995 2wd ex cab 2.3 5-speed. Been sitting all winter, threw a battery in and she fired right up. Been driving it for about a week, filled it up with gas Saturday, and drove 20 miles each way to work and then home. Sunday morning, I go to the store to get breakfast, and as I pull in, it dies...
  5. Redneckryder

    Explorer rear axle lowering?

    I am putting a 5.0 in my Ranger, and I have been told that the 7.5 rear is going to explode behind it. I have an 8.8 out of an explorer, which is spring under as you all know. I want to just throw it under my truck, as I want to lower it anyways, and keep it spring under. Is there any reason...
  6. Redneckryder

    Droppin my 95...tryin to do my homework.

    I have a 1995 2wd ex cab. As of now, it has a 4cyl and 5 speed. I am buying a mustang with a crate 5.0 and a t5. Guess where that's going? Yup, right in that engine bay. At the same time, I want to drop it and put some new rims, either 17 or 18 inch on it. I have done enough research to...
  7. Redneckryder

    Lowered 96 ranger questions

    Ok...Little late, but my .02 cents..... The rocking axle....I have an idea. I see daylight between pad and spring on one side, not the other. Seeing the half-assed way he did things, I am guessing the perches are probably a couple degrees off each other. You might want to check that out....
  8. Redneckryder

    Almost a build thread!!!!

    Startin to get my crap together to build my truck. Just picked up a 2.3 turbo motor out of a XR4Ti---complete with full wiring harness, and computer. Dude even threw in a Saab intercooler. Now I need to concentrate on the rear axle. The open 7.5 needs updated. I found a 8.8 out of a t-bird...
  9. Redneckryder

    Bench seat/sub box in Ex-cab ranger....?

    My new endeavor.....I want a couple subs in my truck. I don't crank them, but they add to the rock sound, and I like them. Problem is, I have kids that occupy the seats in back, so a big bulky box is out of the question. I saw a guy on Craigslist about a year ago selling a custom box that ran...
  10. Redneckryder

    Electrical gremlin...help?

    Ok all you Ranger guru's out there.....I got one for ya. I have a 95, 2wd, 2.3 5 speed ex cab short bed. About a week ago, battery started to lose power (Slower cranking over the course of a week) and finally went dead while I was at work. I got it started, drove it around for over an hour, and...
  11. Redneckryder

    Ok...personal opinions?

    I am going to SAS my truck...this much I know. Now on to the hard part. There are 4 options out there, as most of you know. Ford TTB Dana 35, Jeep D30, EB D30 or D44, or fullwidth. I realize everyone has their own opinions, and most of you have sas'd already. Please respond as to why you...
  12. Redneckryder

    A-pillar tach?

    I searched, googled, bing'd.....got one picture of a rigged tach screwed to the roof. Has anyone put a tach on their A-pillar? If so, do you like it there? Pictures would be awesome, testimonials....please?
  13. Redneckryder

    Sup guys?

    So,not new to rangers, but new to the 4 banger world. I am getting a '95 ex-cab next weekend. Ex-cab, short bed, 5 speed, with a little bitty engine. :annoyed: Gonna have ALOT of questions for ya.....stay tuned.
  14. Redneckryder

    Input please?

    So,I have a '94 suburban. I know, I know....Stupid....but it was cheap, and I got 3 kids, so I thought it was a good idea. Well, it dont have a back seat, nor does it have the shit to put the rear seat in it. So, I am trying to sell it. Guy emails me, asking if I want to trade for a '95...
  15. Redneckryder

    Frikkin stoked!!!

    So, we filed our taxes...........and I got permission to build my truck when they come in!!! AND-------I got a call today. No more $9.50 an hour temp job. Starting monday, I am a welder/fabricator by trade. I am now doing what I love and getting paid for it!!!:icon_welder: Life is good...

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