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  1. redneckfordf2502002

    1984 BII won't turn over with key

    Ok so I just got back to working on the Bronco II since I have been dealing with the Explorer and ranger. I have a 84 Bronco II 4x4 TK5 2.8L with new key cylinder, ignition control module, plugs, good battery, new plug wires, cap and rotor. I have tried 3 different starter solenoids and all do...
  2. redneckfordf2502002

    Mutt dog truck I need help on.

    Ok so I am sorta making a mutt dog truck and I ran into a few snags. The chassis and drivetrain is a 92 Ranger 4x4 4.0L extended cab auto The body is a 96 Ranger 2wd 2.3L extended cab stick. I am using all the interior minus door panels from the 92 ranger including column. So I ran into a few...
  3. redneckfordf2502002

    Tornado struck bound to be better!

    Ok so the truck wasn't really struck by a tornado but sure looks like it was. Recently we picked up a 96 ranger 2wd 4 banger stick shift green with tan interior (well what was left of the interior. Problems with this truck: Has quite a few dents but nothing some body work can't take care of...
  4. redneckfordf2502002

    Finally got a ranger after 2 RBVs

    Ok so I have had our 84 Bronco 2 4x4 2.8L TK5 for a while but about a week and a half ago I picked up two trucks. A 94 Explorer 4x4 4.0L V6 which had a supposedly locked up engine but wasn't and A 92 Ranger 4x4 4.0L V6. I swapped the ranger engine into the explorer and afterwards found out...
  5. redneckfordf2502002

    Help with 4.0L

    Ok recently I picked up 2 trucks. One is a 94 Explorer 4x4 4.0L V6 the other is a 92 ranger 4x4 4.0L V6. Both have good transmissions I have driven both. The explorer supposedly had a locked up engine I never checked it while in the truck or anything so I pulled the engine from the ranger and...
  6. redneckfordf2502002

    Will 92 ranger brakes fit into a 84 Bronco 2?

    I know the rear brakes on our 84 Bronco 2 are on the way out. I just picked up a 92 ranger for parts for my explorer and I have no use for the brake parts in my explorer. So my question is can I take the brakes (drums, shoes, and such out of the ranger and put it into our 84 bronco 2? I am...
  7. redneckfordf2502002

    Cam pos. sensor help!

    I have a 94 Ford Explorer 4x4. It is a 4.0L V6 I need to put the camshaft position sensor back in. Does the red line go between the two lines in the glass? Trav
  8. redneckfordf2502002

    Blizzard Our 94 Explorer 4x4 build

    Ok so I haven't done much just yet but I seem to never leave my vehicles stock (11 vehicles on the lot and each one gets modified differently) LOL. So I just picked up a 94 Ford Explorer 4x4 4 door XLT auto transmission 4.0L V6 manual hubs power windows mirrors and door locks with 3.73 Limited...
  9. redneckfordf2502002

    Well Brought home another RBV!

    Last night we brought home 2 trucks in hopes to make one in good shape. The trucks are a 94 Explorer 4x4 4.0L V6 4 door XLT power everything auto trans manual hubs push button 4x4 (I will have to deal with this) great body and interior and has a tittle. Only problems with it is the wheels and...
  10. redneckfordf2502002

    Could I convert from Carbed to FI?

    Ok I will first say that personally I don't care for carburetors every one of them I have seen are such a PITA when they run out of gas or it is cold out. Also I want to stay with the 2.8L in our Bronco 2 I don't want to do a 4.0L swap (I have my reasons for it). Now we have an 84 Bronco 2 4x4...
  11. redneckfordf2502002

    Tach cluster from ranger into B2?

    Howdy everybody. Yesterday at the junkyard I found a tach style cluster in a 80s ranger I am guessing 87 or so but not sure I know it is a first gen 2.9L Fuel injected though. What I was wondering is if I could take the tach style cluster from it and just direct swap it into my 84 B2 2.8L carbed...
  12. redneckfordf2502002

    1995 Ford Ranger??s

    Hey guys we are looking at a 95 Ranger 4x4 extended cab with the common (so I have heard) 2nd gear slipping issues. I heard that it is the Valve Body gasket that does this. Is this correct? Also what are some cheap common mods done on this gen ranger? What engine was available I am reading 3.0...
  13. redneckfordf2502002

    White lightning build

    Ok so when we aren't working on the house, Bronco 2, the Harleys, or my dad's truck we work a bit on my 88 F150. I do most of the work myself but do get help from my brothers. So I love getting ideas and sharing about my truck. First off info on the truck: 1988 Ford F150 4x4 302 C6 auto...
  14. redneckfordf2502002

    Advance timing on 2.8L?

    Can I advance the timing a bit on our 84 B2 to get some more power and if so how far can I go and still run regular with no pinging or such.? Trav
  15. redneckfordf2502002

    99 explorer parts in 84 B2?

    Hey guys we have a 1984 Bronco 2 4x4. We found a cheap 99 Explorer 4.0L V6 auto 4x4 truck for sale and want to know if we can take the 99 explorer trans, engine, computer, transfer case and put it in our 84 B2? what all do we need to do it? Thanks Trav

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