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    Break hose replacement help

    Agreed. At least I can return the hose(s). Looks like I’m back to problem solving as I’m trying to avoid the $100 super off-road lines as my truck is not going to be a crazy off road rig.
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    Break hose replacement help

    After looking at it a lot more the passenger side is starting to look doable. The driver side is still ???? Here are some more pictures first 2 are different angles of the drivers side, second 2 are angles of the passenger side, 5th is the new driver side and last is the new passenger side hose.
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    Break hose replacement help

    Sorry. It’s a 1997 XLT 2x4 extended cab with a regular bed. the new line on the drivers side hose doesn’t come with the metal cube and the original line looks to be permanently part of the hose section.
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    Break hose replacement help

    I’m sorry, I know this has had to be covered before but in my searches of the forum so many articles came up every different way I searched, that I couldn’t find one. In the past I’ve done a lot of maintenance work and minor upgrades on my cars and trucks but I’ve never had to do this. I’m...
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    Rookie questions on lifting & steering

    I got a extended cab 1997 xlt 4.0L 5 speed for cheap. I’ve always liked working on cars and ever since I moved to SD in 2000 I’ve wanted to build a dessert truck. So this is my first try at all this so I’m not going to drop big bucks on parts. My main question is, when I do a lift, am I going...
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    4th Ranger, first build

    Hi, I recently bought my first “project” Ranger. It’s a 1997 4x2 manual with a 4.0L engine. I’ve been giving it a tune up: new spark plugs, wires, ignition coil, air filter, fuel filter, oil change, fixed/replaced the hood latch cable, and tightened up the throttle cable, new fuel neck filler...