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Recent content by rearden

  1. No longer wants to start...suspect fuel pressure.. recommendations?

    I have a '88 B2 with the 2.9 EFI V6. It was my daily driver; I stopped driving it for a few weeks and it now refuses to start. The engine will turn over and try to catch. I put a fuel pressure gauge on the rail under the hood. I can hear a fuel pump running and the pressure holds stead at...
  2. Front seats with headrests?

    I have an '88 B2 and I am tall, therefore when I lean my head back the top of the seat only comes up to the top of my neck. Does anyone have any recommendations of drop in seat replacements with adjustable headrests? I would rather modify this as little as possible (everything else is modified...
  3. compressor doesn't shut off now.

    I redid the AC last year and replaced the compressor, 2 hoses, condensor, dryer and orifice tube. The only parts I didn't replace were the evaporator and one hose. But the AC really didn't put out and it has gotten worse recently. It is a little better than just the fan but not much; the...

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