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  1. RDRanger99

    Heater hoses

    Can anyone show me a heater hose connection diagram for a 1999 Ford Ranger XLT 4WD? I took them off but can’t remember what goes where. I’m getting old. Thanks in advance.
  2. RDRanger99

    OBDII connector not working

    When I plug in my code reader and key on engine off it tells me link error. I know my code reader works. What could the problem be?
  3. RDRanger99

    Speakers Pop and static noise

    Hi folks! This is my first question for The Ranger Station. My 99 Ranger has the stock stereo system in it. A couple years or so ago I started noticing noise coming from the speakers even without any power on the truck at all. Engine off, key out of ignition, stereo off and I'm just sitting in...
  4. RDRanger99

    New To TRS

    Hi Folks, I just joined the TRS forum last night. I don't have much mechanical or technical stuff to offer but will help anyone if I can. Hopefully though I will find some answers to help some of the problems with my 99 Ranger V6 3.0 XLT 4X4. It's like me; starting to show its age cosmetically...

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