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  1. RavoHimself

    03 compressor issue

    Ended up being a bad relay. Appreciate the help!
  2. RavoHimself

    03 compressor issue

    Thanks for the very detailed response. I'll try figure it out later this week. I did try to get voltage at the plug and was getting zero so I'll look into testing the sensors and relay first
  3. RavoHimself

    03 compressor issue

    I just started having issues with my AC taking forever to kick on. Recharged it thinking it might be low on fluid but that didn't help. Sometimes it takes minutes before the compressor engages. Once it's on it blows very cold and I can also shut it off and turn it back on while I'm driving. As...
  4. RavoHimself

    P1120 tps out of range low

    Well I'm unsure it's fixed all the way. The super irregular idle is gone but it still wants to hold the idle between shifts and it still doesn't always want to idle where it should. It's a lot better but still seems off. I'm gonna give it a couple days an see if it's the the computer trying to...
  5. RavoHimself

    P1120 tps out of range low

    So I brought it to a local shop who I trust. I have the moddbox supercharger kit on there. Turns out there was a cracked hose between the bypass valve and intake. Don't know how I missed that when I sprayed down the entire engine bay but I'll be picking her up later. Thanks for all the suggestions
  6. RavoHimself

    P1120 tps out of range low

    The idle drops right down to 400 or so with the IAC unplugged. I didn't think it was a temp sensor because like you said it's not throwing a code but also because it still does a full warm up circuit. It will start around 2k or just over and then as it warms up drops to 13 or so. So it seems...
  7. RavoHimself

    P1120 tps out of range low

    So 2 nights ago my truck started idling at like 1400 and hangs/jumps to like 2k-2500 between shifts. Got the code so I put in a new bwd tps. Still the same issue. So I replaced the IAC too and that didn't work either. I haven't checked the voltage on the tps yet but I know it's supposed to be...
  8. RavoHimself

    Single stage or 2 stage

    I got a new bed for my truck being that the crossmembers and floor rusted out. Big shocker I know. It's the toreador red metallic and still in pretty good shape. My biggest concern is painting the bed to match and having it look way too new or more glossy than the rest of the truck. I'm going to...
  9. RavoHimself

    Bleach smell coming from engine bay?

    2 days ago after warming my truck up I started noticing a bleach like smell coming out of the engine area. I noticed it got sucked into the cab a little while warming up the truck. Checked my coolant and I was a little low but it's definitely not the typical coolant smell I know if it's that...
  10. RavoHimself

    Awful mystery squeal

    So a few weeks ago my truck started making a quiet squeal when i turned left. It has been progessively getting worse. I noticed my right rear wheel bearing had a lot of play so I pulled the rear end and the right shaft was all messed up. Installed two new bearings and a new passenger shaft but I...
  11. RavoHimself

    B1095 abs code

    Anybody have any experience with this code? Can't seem to find much about about it. What I did find either said faulty wheel speed sensor or the hydraulic abs pump. Either way my abs light is on, brakes work great just no abs
  12. RavoHimself

    bed swap

    my 03 bed is starting to rot out. refresh my memory. any short bed from 93 and up should bolt right up correct?
  13. RavoHimself

    Steering wheel chatter

    Just replaced my front right bearing hub assembly. After I put everything back together the steering wheel chatters when you straighten it out after a turn. Any ideas?
  14. RavoHimself

    abs light

    just had to replace one of my bearing hub assemblys on my 03. put everything back together and the abs light was on. firs thing i checked was the abs sensor. sure enough it must have cracked when i removed it from the old hub because it was exploded. so i put i a new sensor, started it, no...
  15. RavoHimself

    03 fog lights

    so i bought my 03 and it didnt come with fog lights. so i just went ahead and ordered a whole new bumper,valence,brackets and lights. my bumper was starting to rust through the chrome anyway so win win. while i was looking for switched power behind my dash when i installed my boost gauge i...

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