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    3.0 engine failure: how to prevent it?

    You can purchase a oil filter sandwich for your 3.0 from a place like Glow Shift. It goes between the oil filter and the block and gives you 4 ports to tap into oil pressure. The sandwich is made just for your purpose. I installed an oil pressure switch in my 05 Ranger's dash and used the...
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    96 3.0L Serpentine belt squeal - please help me troubleshoot it

    As stated above, use a long extension or long screwdriver and lister to each bearing/pulley as you hold one end to your ear and the other end to the bearing in question. You will need an assistant to start the truck since the noise goes away quickly. Watch out for the fan! Watch this video...
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    Cybertruck Reveal

    Very ,little infrastructure or electrical generating capability as of yet. I will probably be dead before this becomes common. Born in 1945
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    Ford vs Ferrari

    Worth seeing for all fans of racing and motor sports. I thought the acting was very good along with the action scenes. Plus I learned a lot about the history of Ford racing and Carrol Shelby that I did not know. I grew up in a GM family and mostly drove GM products over the years. I was also...
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    Littlefuse tap?

    Thanks. Now working great. Difficult to cram my old tubby body under that dash panel to see what I'm working on. Much better than paying a mechanic ultra dollars to work on it though!
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    Littlefuse tap?

    I may have hooked things up the wrong way. This video explains the "load" side and the "draw" side. Very interesting:
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    Littlefuse tap?

    This is with the key in the on position. I was tapping into the blower relay fuse. The blower does not run now either. I will wait for daylight tomorrow and work on it some more.
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    Littlefuse tap?

    Attempting to tap into the fuse panel by the passenger footwell. I pushed the Littlefuse adaptor in put it does not feel right. It just falls right out. I tried sticking it back in and taping it down with some real sticky plumbers tape which holds real good but I am not getting any power...
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    V8 Bronco

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    Oil Pressure Switch.

    I am mounting an oil pressure gauge under my '05's dash as the truck did not come with one. I purchased a spacer from Amazon that mounts in between the oil filter and the block. There are 4 ports on the spacer or pillow to tap into. I am mounting an oil pressure sender onto one of the ports...
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    DPFE Hose replacement tip

    I have also read that it helps with any hose to warm it up in hot water for a while. Helps the hose to slide onto its tube easier.
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    3.0 Engine diagram?

    Thank you brother!
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    Kona off Road south point

    Drove the road to Kona back in 2004. What an amazing drive! Do it if you ever get the chance.
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    Does any companies rent engine hoists?

    I rented one from my local NAPA guy several years ago. He did not have one so he ordered a new one and used it to rent out to his customers. I have seen them on Craigslist for around $75. Use it once and resell it after you are done.