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    New to forum and Mazda/Ranger pickup's with many Questions.

    You could always build your own flat bed out of metal or wood. I live in Arizona where we have no rust but there are several trucks running around here with variations of the flat bad. Some look quite nice.
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    Airbag Recall

    My '05 Edge was fixed before I bought it this Spring. I took it in to have the leaky hydraulic clutch fixed and the Ford dealer checked and saw it had been done by the previous owner. It seems like I a read in one of the car magazines several years ago that the reason we even have airbags is...
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    1999 ford ranger, the good, bad, and ugly

    Become knowledgeable with your local Pic a Part yards. As one of my yards back in Michigan used to advertise, "Cruise With Used".
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    LED third brake light/cargo light

    Rarely rains here in Arizona but will do so. Thanks for the advice!
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    LED third brake light/cargo light

    I picked up this light from Amazon for under $30 shipped. Five minute job for my '05 Ranger Edge. Plug and play.
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    the Lawn Mower thread.

    Check You Tube. There are several how to videos there that are made by professionals. I sold mine to my brother when I moved to Arizona from Michigan where I upgraded the rock covering in my yard to a larger size and a darker brown color. This is our third Spring here and I have not had a...
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    Body and Paint

    Here is a good article on the Forum. You can do some testing on a junkyard body panel to give you some confidence before actually doing your truck.
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    Body and Paint

    There are some excellent how to videos put out by Eastwood Products on You Tube. You first have to determine your goal. Do you want show car quality or just want driver quality? There is a huge difference in cost between the two. If you don't have an air compressor then start looking for one...
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    Fun with my '05 Edge

    I decided that my 3.0, 5 speed 2wd Ranger was ready for new transmission and rear gear lubricant at 65,000 miles. It has spent its life as an Arizona farm truck and probably suffered some rough treatment. I have now owned it 5 months. One great thing about the 2wd Edge is that it has the same...
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    1998 & Newer specific Ranger problems.....

    65,000 mile '05 Ranger Edge, 3.0, 2wd, 2 door, 4:10 rear end, non locking. It has been an Arizona farm truck most of its life. Ford dealer unable to bleed clutch. Their transmission man says to just live with it as his Ranger has the same problem. New clutch setup to include new remote...
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    Is this the way all Rangers were equipped? Spare tire

    Thank you for the information. I will check my front rotor size tomorrow. The wheels and tires it came with were 15" per the door frame sticker. Yes, it does have torsion bar suspension.
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    What gear to change to?

    Thanks for the info folks. Extremely helpful! Especially the part about where the speedometer obtains its information. I think I will adjust tire and wheel size as that looks to be much less expensive than doing a rear end swap - and laying my old arse on the ground trying to remove a possible...
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    What gear to change to?

    Fairly new here. I have a 3.0, stick shift, 2005 Ranger Edge 2wd with 65,000 miles. It has the 8.8 and a 4:10 gear without the limited slip. My goal is better gas mileage and less of a granny gear when taking off in first gear. I swapped the stock 235 75R 15 tires and wheels for aftermarket...
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    Is this the way all Rangers were equipped? Spare tire

    I have only owned my '05 Ranger Edge (2wd stick shift 3.0) for a few months and am slowly discovering things about it. The door sticker shows it came equipped with 235 75R 15 tires all around. I dropped the spare today to lube the lifting mechanism and check the air pressure. Imagine my...
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