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    Catalytic converter

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    Who do you use for genuine Ford parts?

    Thank you!
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    Who do you use for genuine Ford parts?

    '05 Ranger Edge, 2wd, 2 door 3.0 stick shift with around 67.000 miles in Western Arizona. I am having fun in the garage by slowly but surely replacing worn parts and those that I expect to be worn out soon. On to the O2 sensors. I really like to use Ford parts to replace sensors but I hate to...
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    Why do molehills turn into mountains?

    Stop at Macinaw Island for a day or so. Granddaughter Sam works in the gift shop at the Grand Hotel. Tell her Gramps says HI!
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    PCV valve info

    Thanks guys. Former owner of several Corvettes too just to fan the flames. I was also a stringer for Corvette Enthusiast Magazine until they stopped publishing.
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    PCV valve info

    I decided to do some maintenance on my '05 2wd Edge. One of the things was to replace the PCV valve with a new one. For the most part I use NAPA as I get a Veteran's discount there. My first problem was to source a new one as they list 3 different styles for the 3.0. I had to bring in the VIN...
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    Replacing camshaft synchronizer - wiring harness in the way

    I have an 05, 3.0 and when I took a look at where it was located I just got out my checkbook. I bought the part at NAPA and had a local mechanic install it. He charged me around $90. I went to buy a PCV valve and when I told NAPA what I needed they said they would need the VIN. Evidently the...
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    Power washer

    I watch sever You Tube videos on what to look for in an at-home pressure washer. I did not want a gas powered device as they are very noisy and one more item to maintain. I selected this Sun Joe unit and had it shipped for free from Sam's Club. I think it was about $145. Here in AZ many of...
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    You Tube Mechanic just scared me about cracked head problems on 3.0

    That's a load off my mind. Thank you brothers!
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    You Tube Mechanic just scared me about cracked head problems on 3.0

    '05 Ranger 2wd Edge 3.0 with 60,000+ miles. Stick shift. I was watching the Car Wizard channel last night and he was giving his opinions on "What to buy - What not to buy" when it comes to small to medium trucks. He said the Ford Ranger was a great truck to buy but not those with the 3.0 V6...
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    3.0L Cylinder #5 Misfire

    I was unable to get a TPI Chevy to fire a few years back. I purchased a Noid Light kit from Autozone and tested each injector. After using it I returned it to the store and they gave me most of the purchase price back. Neat little outfit. The Noid light lets you know if the injector is...
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    3.0 engine failure: how to prevent it?

    You can purchase a oil filter sandwich for your 3.0 from a place like Glow Shift. It goes between the oil filter and the block and gives you 4 ports to tap into oil pressure. The sandwich is made just for your purpose. I installed an oil pressure switch in my 05 Ranger's dash and used the...
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    96 3.0L Serpentine belt squeal - please help me troubleshoot it

    As stated above, use a long extension or long screwdriver and lister to each bearing/pulley as you hold one end to your ear and the other end to the bearing in question. You will need an assistant to start the truck since the noise goes away quickly. Watch out for the fan! Watch this video...