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    5.0 swap into 2002 Sport Trac

    You can use youre existing tcase, but you'll need an adapter from advance adapters. The tcase determines awd/4wd SVT
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    TDI Ranger Build

    So I found the Baby H1C (4bt) came with 8cm and 12cm turbine housings, and H1s came with 44mm, 46mm, 50mm, and 56mm compressor side. I never measured which one I have. I'm guessing the baby H1C got the 44mm and 46mm housings. I'll try to measure mine this weekend. It's nice to know I can step...
  3. RangerSVT

    Narrowed 8.8 mountianeer rear end

    Problem with doing that is the driveshaft can get into fuel tank. This is why its offset in the rangers, but not the bronco ii's or the mustangs. Cutting the axle down is as simple as cutting the housing straight, beveling the ends then making multiple passes to build the tube back up, then...
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    cummins ranger axle upgrade Q's

    Agreed. While I didn't bust a shaft or joint, I had binding ussues at full droop on the passenger side... SVT
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    cummins ranger axle upgrade Q's

    I'll add my knowledge and experience (more on experience). First, you didn't mention what year D35 you have. Bearings are the same, but 95-97 have upgraded twin piston calipers, this may not sound like much, but after running 37" iroks on 8" suspension lift for over a year, wheeling ever other...
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    dana 44 and 70 questions

    The 44 should be 1/2, the 70, 9/16 studs. The 70 is a one ton axle, which was swapped into the f250, which came with a 60. 9/16 studs were probably installed in the 44 to match the rear. You'll probably have to drill the replacement 44 rotors out, unless you pull a current rotor off and see if a...
  7. RangerSVT

    new to this. thinking about lowering my truck...

    Drop coils and arms, rear flip... SVT
  8. RangerSVT

    Dana 80's

    What is its intended purpose? SVT
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    Kirbys 1991 Ranger Build Up and Solid Axle Swap

    We may not post much, but we're watching, keep up the good work :icon_thumby: SVT
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    Dana 80's

    Relocate the spring perches out back if using leaf springs. Like stated, same setup as any sas. All depends on what setup you want. I'm running 47's... SVT
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    C Notch?

    Thats a long process, but cutting a 1/2 or even a 1/4 coil at a time (and not with a torch or plasma cutter) is best as to not cut too much... SVT
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    C Notch?

    Notched the bottom of the frame 4", i reinforced the frame. 3" beams, 2" drop coils that settled 2 additional inches... SVT
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    C Notch?

    I had mine with a 7/9 drop with stock location arm brackets, tho they drug everywhere, with about a 4" notch out back.. SVT
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    rectangle tube, or dom?

    So I'm in the planning stages of SVT's next phase. I'm building a new suspension, and along with that a new foundation to build off of, a new frame. My current weight is about 7k, with the new axles I'm expecting at least 8k. I'm looking to lose a few pounds with the new frame. My choices are...
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    2/0 drop issue

    You should be real close with the 2.25*. Another option is to upgrade to the 95-97 beams, you get twin piston calipers and better choice of eccentrics... SVT