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    Ranger optional motorized light bar

    I know someone who used to work for a Ford garage. He has a motorized light bar, he said was for a Ford Ranger. Thinks it was for a first second gen, its black plastic and when the switch is activated two 5in Bosch lights pop up. I cannot find any information on it. Wondering if anyone could...
  2. Rangerdan2.3

    Clutch for M5ODR2

    Does anyone know what clutch and flywheel I should use for the M5ODR2 V6 F150 transmission? thanks
  3. Rangerdan2.3

    97 explorer in an 01 3.0

    I have read many many articles on the explorer swap. I just want to know how to get around the Ranger's PATS system with the 97 explorer computer? Do I have to use a SCT tuner or something of the sort? Or do I go find another set up from a newer explorer? I also have a brand new Ford...
  4. Rangerdan2.3

    Explorer clutch fan

    How do you remove the clutch fan on an explorer 5.0? Thnks dan
  5. Rangerdan2.3

    Explorer swap

    I have searched and searches and I am still not sure what engine mounts to use. I have an 01 X-cab Ranger and a 97 explorer. Do I use L@L, vert mounts, stock sploder mounts or custom fabricated ones? Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    V8 computer ?s

    I have a complete 98 explorer engine without the harness or computer, that I am swapping into an 01 3.0L. My question is would it be better or possible to use a 99-01 computer from an explorer? Also, what do I do with the PATS system, if I use an older computer? Do I disable it, or will the...
  7. Rangerdan2.3

    Thick snot like black substance in radiator.

    I just bought another Ranger, 99 x-cab 3.0L 110K miles. There is a thick snot like black substance in the overflow jug and the rest of the coolant is dark brown. There are no signs of a blown head gasket, and the guy I bought it off of said the dealership put that stuff in to prevent leaks. I...
  8. Rangerdan2.3

    ramifications of removing EGR

    I have an off road truck, with a bad EGR wondering what problems may arise from removing the EGR that could damage the engine. THIS TRUCK IS OFF ROAD ONLY, will not be driven on the road. Thanks Dan
  9. Rangerdan2.3

    6.0L and 6.6L?? (Engine Weight Thread)

    Anyone know what a 6.0L powerstroke or a 6.6L Duramax weigh? Or their measurments?
  10. Rangerdan2.3

    2.3 performance cam in a 2.5 head

    I am thinking about running a P@P 2.5 head on my 2.3(1996). I am wondering if I can run a performance cam for a 2.3 in the 2.5 head? Also, if I can run the cam what all do I need to change? Thanks for your help!! Good to be back!
  11. Rangerdan2.3

    How to remove hood hinge from cowl

    What do I have to do to remove the hood hinges? Thanks Dan
  12. Rangerdan2.3

    Explorer transmission question

    I was just wondering if a tranny from a 91 Explorer will work in a 97 Explorer? Thanks Ranger Dan
  13. Rangerdan2.3

    Heater box?

    I have a 90 Ranger xcab with the 2.9 and A/C, my question is. The black box that extends from the fire wall, what is in that? If the heater core is under the dash and the blower motor is to the passenger side. does that just house A/C B.S. I have seen other Rangers that year with just a small...
  14. Rangerdan2.3

    Miss under load

    I just bought another Ranger, she is a 90 4cyl 5spd. Under load, it falls on its face prolly around a little over half throttle. It is not the plugs or wires, my guess is something in the fuel system. Also has a problem keeping freeway speeds and lacks power. there are fairly low miles on this...
  15. Rangerdan2.3

    01up front end on a 96

    I have forgotten, what all you need to put a 01 front end on a gen 3 ranger. Any body know?