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    My 1996 SAS

    Me and some friends!

    My 1996 SAS

    Hi guys... This is my ford ranger v6 4.0 STX 1996 swaped for 4x4!

    HELP supercharger project

    hello guys I am in a 4.0 ohv supercharger design, I would like a little help! I tried sometimes to doubt but I did not succeed ... I do not know if the forum is abandoned or if my English is bad I did not succeed! I have several doubts about the project ... I would like help from anyone who has...

    Comp cams 422 Pushrods question

    Hi... I am building a sc 4.0 cammed ... I'm having a hard time finding pushrods for comp cams 422, here in Brazil there is no one who does these pushrods! Can someone help me?? Which exact model should I look for? Smith Brother site is difficult, even more for me, that I do not speak English so...

    Needing help whit fuel injectors

    hi guys ... I need two injectors 150136 accel ... but only see the models silver / black ... I can not find the black / yellow model! Anyone know where I can find? I have 4 accel 150136 black / yellow I bought in a promotion ... need 2 more equal! I do not want to use two fuel injectors...

    I need help for sas project

    Hello guys! I need help in my sas ranger project! had the misfortune to be born in Brazil, I do not have access easily to parts ... need measures of D44 early bronco axle shafts! I'm riding a homemade D44 ... I build this axle for measures of EB D44 diskbrakes! which size of Long axle shaft...

    Fuel Injection problem

    Hello, I have a problem in my 4.0 Ranger 1996! The ever lower rpm of 1700-1400RPM and also oscillates! Here in Brazil there is not much what to do ... I'm trying to solve this problem by eliminating! Changed TPS, IAC ... and even throttle body ... the problem following! What is the next step...

    supercharger in mud

    Hello guys ... I'm riding my 96 ranger sas dana 44, and today I decided to take some doubts here in the forum ... decided to use a supercharger eaton m90 in my v6 4.0 ohv project ... I have some doubts about the use of the supercharger in the mud ... in my area there are many wetlands, like to...

    1996 sas

    Hi guys, I have some questions ... I am doing a solid axle swap dana 44 in my 1996 ford ranger! I have some questions ... I purchased Skyjacker springs 6 inches, they would be good for sas? Use 2 "body lift, with more springs I can use these 37" ? Thanks

    31 spline swap

    Hello, I'm considering swapping 8.8 31 spline on my ranger v6 96 4.0 8.8 28 spline ... plan to use radial tires 38x15.5x15 tsl, or maxxis creepy crawler 37x14.5x15 ... my engine is a 4.0, headers, eaton m90 supercharger 7 lbs and "FuelTech" Brazilian programmable injection (230hp) ... I wonder...

    help 24 lbs injectors 4.0 v6 ohv

    I'm from Brazil and I am looking for 24 lbs injectors for my ohv ... found none listed for the 4.0 ohv v6 at the summit site! need to know which to use? My vehicle is a 1996 ranger 4.0 v6!:icon_welder:

    help supercharger ohv brazil

    Hello guys ... first of all I want to say that my english sucks! hehehe I'm putting together a project in my truck ... one tbird 1995 eaton m90 on my ford ranger 4.0 v6 ohv 1996! I have a series of questions, I know some may say I search the forum for answers, but could not reach a conclusion...