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  1. 93 Tranny Trouble

    I own a 1993 Ford Ranger XLT, 4.0 auto tranny. Yesterday I was drivin home from a buddies house and my truck started jumpin in and outta gear so I pulled over to check things out. Turns out I have a leak at the bellhousing and engine block connection. Not sure what the fluid is but it looks...
  2. Front SD Clip

    I was wondering if anyone had ever done or seen a front conversion with a F-250 SD front clip conversion. I have always loved the SD front ends. And wanna put it on my ranger.
  3. Exo Cage?

    I have always loved the look of exo cages. I was wondering if anyone had any tips and/or suggestions for completing this as a project. This would be my first welding project for something on my vehicle. I don't know if thats a bad thing or not. I would be having a skilled welder help me with...
  4. Radio = no worky

    I have a 1993 Ford Ranger XLT with I believe the premium audio system. I just finished rebuilding this truck and even before I started working on it I tried to see if the radio would work and it didn't. Any ideas what is wrong?? The radio comes on but produces no sound... Possibly blown...
  5. Engine Won't run continuously

    I'm just finished intalling my new 4L and after proforming all of the pre-ignition procedures it turns over and you can hear it want to run strong but it just dies. Any ideas what could be wrong? I think it could be a missing vacuum line possibly or maybe something else completely? THanks
  6. Vacuum hose help!

    I have a 1993 RangerSuper with a brand new 4.0l V6. I have everything but the exhaust hooked up and realized that I totally forgot about all the vacuum hoses. What would happen if I didn't reinstall them? Would it cause engine failure of just a lack of power? I've been working on this truck for...
  7. Super Lift!

    Hey ya'll! I'm pretty new here and I was wondering if anyone knew where i could possible purchase the stuff to achieve a total of 10" lift on my 2WD 1993 Ranger XLT 4.0l V6 I was hoping to get atleast 6 of it through suspension and 4" on a body lift. Has anyone out there put this bigg of a lift...
  8. New kid on the block

    Howdy ya'll I'm Blake from Oklahoma I've always had ford runnin deep in my blood even though I currently have to drive a chevy :sad: while I complete an engine swap on my 1993 ranger xlt Other than that I'm working to turn this truck into a off-road dream machine Glad to be part of such a great...

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