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  1. ranger874wd


    Will B.F Goodrich 31x9.50 fit under an 87 ranger sport with out any lift?
  2. ranger874wd

    Back online

    87ranger4wd back in the rebuild. C-5 works great with minor fab work
  3. ranger874wd

    A4LD to C-5 swap

    is there any difference in tranny length?
  4. ranger874wd

    84 a/t into 87 5spd

    c-5 is 3-4 inches shorter than the 5speed needs an adapter plate 87 rear drive shaft JUST does fit but only with the87 transfer case 84 front shaft fits great
  5. ranger874wd

    another new guy

    my first ranger was an 84 4wd. Totalled it in May (trees dont move,bythe way) bought my current 87 4wd 2weeks ago. Gotta love those old rangers!
  6. ranger874wd

    844wd a/t

    want to put the a/t from my 84 4wd into my 87 4wd the 87 had a 4spd with over-drive will this work with out major pains
  7. ranger874wd

    trans. swap 84 XL a/t 4wd into 87 Sport 4wd 5speed

    trying to put 84 a/t into 87 sport both 4wd. question is , is there a universal a/t shifter linkage kit to simplify this conversion?