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    state trooper corvette convertible?

    Maybe the 'Vette was confiscated. The local PD in my hometown would often drive cars that they confiscated from drug deals or whatever. For a while there was this Red Cadillac with a blue rag top and all the metal was gold plated, riding around with cops inside. Very small sticker on the DS and...
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    No rear end Expo.

    So I am pulling the wiring harness from under the hood this weekend and have noticed some minor differences with where things are located. Is this the only harness I need to change out? Are there any interior wires I need from behind the dash (from Expo to Ranger) or anything like that.
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    Modd Box Sale, 10% off everything

    I stole that pic and used it for my Avatar - hehehehehe:devilish:
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    Question about center consoles

    they are rare, but a Mazda Navajo is just a 2 door Explorer From Ford Wiki Mazda Navajo The Mazda Navajo was a 2-door SUV introduced in 1991, and Mazda's very first off-roader. Also, the Navajo was Mazda's only truck-based SUV. Available only as a four-wheel drive, two-door vehicle, the Navajo...
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    Advice Request: Looking to buy a '94 B-2300

    Chevy/GMC has been doing this for ever. GMC is supposed to be better quality leathers an plastics than the Chevy counterpart, and then Cadillac/Buick SUVs are a step up from GMC.
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    Modd Box Sale, 10% off everything

    "Super" Charger kit like this Or "Super Charger" kit like this
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    I think just '98 '99 & '00. They changed for '01-'03, but I think they are considered the same "Generation" ( gen 4, maybe?)
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    Let's see what's out there....

    love the Probe GT wheels.
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    Let's see what's out there.... might have to search, but I know they have a few builds on custom mini's with dancing beds. Their FB page is filled with'em
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    Need new shocks, but what specs?

    You could try running the VIN to see what came stock on the truck. I don't know if "tire size" is how I would categorize my truck, since they are easily and often replaced with different sizes. I know several guys who have pieces that came off of better equipped trucks on their lower trim...
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    Advice Request: Looking to buy a '94 B-2300

    almost 5K ( idk what that is in US money) seems a lot for a 200kmile truck IMO. But I come from a place where you can get a decent Mercedes Benz for 10K without even looking that hard. I see Rangers like the one you posted for half that price all day long.
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    Best inexpensive shocks/suspension for Mazda B4000

    Rancho or KYB are decent brands. Gabriel shocks can be had for less money. Not sure if your 4x4 or 2wd, but either way I would check There is even a discount code available here on TRS.
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    98 Explorer 4 door

    I have a 2000 Eddie Bauer ford Expo as a donor. I recently sold the DS door, as I remember, there was a harness, (from door to truck) that just disconnected at the fender. Maybe your local boneyard will have an Expo with this harness and you could just swap that one with the one yo cut up.
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    Asking for a "friend"

    Over on another forum, a guy has got stumped. LS swapped Nissan hardbody Idk the transmission of the top of my head. But he can't find a yoke to mate his driveshaft to his rear end. I think he's going with the Nissan shaft. I mentioned for him to try the ford or Chevy shaft because the ls->ford...
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    Gets lowered tomorrow

    What is the small secondary badge below the Ranger Badge?