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    Am I really the only guy who has swaped in a T18 manual trans?

    like the title says.....I cant seriously be the only one who has done this. Its a popular swap with jeepers, so im sure guys on hear have done it. Im using a external slave from an fseriese truck, and the master is for a 93' ranger. I did some research and found a site that says the master...
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    mastercylinders,ranger vs F150

    ok guys, so, I finaly got my drive train back togeather. I used a slave cylinder for an F150 and the master cylinder for a ranger. Its like 98% full releases the clutch when fully depressed. Is there that much a difference between the master cylinders? I need to get this stuff working so I can...
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    HEY everyone

    Hey guys, been a while since i've been on hear so thought I would say hi and give an update on things. I managed to kill my AOD in the dead of winter, rather then fix it in my out door shop I bought a new "to me" truck. Shes a '03 ZR2 with less then 70k on the clock, decent truck with no rust...
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    AOD to manual swap

    ok guys, been a long time since I've posted. My aod died this past winter, when it was like -30c out. SO, I broke down and bought another truck. Good news is, i now have a dedicated trail rig. The trucks got a V8 in it, with the AOD trany. I've been given a 4spd trany out of an 86 f150. I have...
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    SKS carbine info

    Ok so Im just waiting on my paperwork to be able to buy a gun. Im looking for somthing small enough for my gf to shoot without being blasted back in time. Shes small, like REALLY small. My cousin has an SKS and we were target shooting last weekend with it. It seams relable and simple to work...
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    Any idea's for new gears?

    ok so Im runing a 302 with an aod and 3.27:1 gears and 31" tires. The trucks constantly gaining weight with each addition of armor and when its fully loaded with a weeks worth of camping gear its a total slug on the highway. Using overdrive is out of the question and it constantly hunts between...
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    wont rev past 4 grand and black smoke

    ok so, Im chasing gremlens it seams. Moving on. It has a hard time controling idle, is hard on gas and smokes when its first started. Only 3 codes are being thrown out. One says it cant control high speed idle during self test. Other stated that right bank is runing lean and the last code says...
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    dash removal how to?

    Hey guys, Im about to start maJOR SURGERY to deal with the cancer around the windshild in the big green pile. I cant seam to figure out how to get the dash out of it tho, any ideas?
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    4x4in ontario

    Ok, so Im looking for some new places to play and brake my truck. Anyone know of some places near the peterborough/lindsay/oshawa areas?
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    1998 chev SFA swap: Spedo recalibration

    Ok, so my die hard chevy fan wheelin buddy is sick of snaping half shafts and we are now in the process of puting a real axle in it. So far we have a 9" rear and D44 steering axle. He wants to try somthing different so the plan is to keep it coil sprung and re use the radius arms.. Anyways, the...
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    Eec Codes

    Ok, so Im runing an OBDI controler for the engine in my truck. It recently started runing poorly and the fuel milage went down the drain. the last time i checked all the codes everything was good to go code 11 for each test. Now Im getting codes 12,41 and 19. The first is an issue controling...
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    what the eff.. quick question

    ok, so, its been a few years since i had to replace my u joints. Since then i've lost and forgotten what Im runing. I know, its sad. I've already been made fun of at work for not knowing what im runing so please spair me lol. Anyways, Im runing a 13-56 bw transfer case and still useing the...
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    anyone remember wastland wars?

    HEy guys, I was juss cleaning out the my fav's list on my laptop and found the link, tried my old pasword and stuff and bam, it still works...Its been over a year since I stoped playing ...might have to start again
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    AOD Shift kit advice

    ok, so Ive decided its time to play with the trany a bit. Im trying to decide what I should go with, my truck weighs 4500lbs give or take. Its got a fresh motor and 3.27 :1 gears. Im looking for a LOT firmer shift, any one have any recomendations?
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    matco vs snap on

    Ok guys, so for us in the trade, who likes what brand and why? I've been buying more and more matco stuff because of the better deals and well, the dealer is better to bargin with. We at the shop have never delt with matco befor but the quality seams to be top notch. Whats everyone elses...