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  1. offroad light install

    ok heres the question lol i want to have 2 lights on my bull bar and 3 probly 100w kc on my roll bar with 2 rectangle lights kc hilights on there as well ok i wana have them on all on switch. Can i??? and can some make a wire dirgram for me? Thanks
  2. Mirror Question!!!

    I have a 98 ranger xlt and im wondering if f 250 mirrors will fit on the ranger... i like the look of the extendin one like for towing Like on 2001 f250 superdudys let me know thanks!
  3. PVC Roll Bar???

    ok i know this sounds funny but i need one for some offroad lights my buddy suggested makin it out of pvc because i have no welder or bender eigher way i wanted i black so i was thinkin of yalls oppin of it its just gna be used for looks so let me no what yall think?
  4. Help on Light BAR INFO

    I plan on making light bar for off road lights like that monts on your bed... i was wondering what is the normal size tubing?
  5. Some INFO

    i have a welded trush muffler on my 4.0 ranger the tone is asome but its not to loud had it on about an hour I was wondering if anyone has had one and if it got louder? after like the "break in period"......... and if anyones got any ideas to make it louder with changing anything majior??? does...
  6. Help!!!!

    when my truck gets to high hpms then when it changes gears you get a raddling noise?? you dnt hear it at adle nore when driveing normal what can this be?
  7. New trush question

    I got a new trush welded muffler and its stock pipeing then out to 2.25 in out this muffler is the same as the flowmaster 40. This muffler sounds really good but its not not as loud as i thought....... i had it on for about an hour will it get louder???
  8. Trush or flowmaster?

    i have a 98 4.0 ranger and i am stuck on what i should get i know flowmaster are great like the 40 and the delta 40.... but i have heard a couple of trushes in person and on internet and they should really good and even the price is really low like 40 dollars and im kinda stuck can some people...
  9. Photo shop please

    can some body please make this white with mosy oak brake up camo in very bottom all the way all front bumper no crom on bummper and around flares thanks and if you can make it look lifted
  10. Some Help

    I have a 98 ranger xlt extended cab step side. Soon to be lifted 6in or 8in anyway . It is all white. I Was thinkin r.rommonish on bottom and around flares ... OR CAMO by camo wraps what yall think??? and think of some paint schemes if you can
  11. Help on Names

    I have a 98 ranger 4x4 extended cab step side and i want a Name for it... I wanted it to sound tough and catchy lol My buddys name is MUD SLUT hittin every hoe... I like it Some ideas i had was MUD AVENGER killing every hole.......... what you think? well come up some ideas for me thanks...
  12. 98 Ranger Paint Job!

    I have a 98 ranger xlt extended cab step side. Soon to be lifted 6in or 8in anyway . It is all white. I was needing some ideas what would look good and stand out. I was thinking Bushwacker flares eigher way. But i thought All white with remoonish/burgundyish with glod flake all on very bottom...
  13. Help on finding lift kit

    hello i got a 1998 ford ranger xlt 4x4. i want a 6in or 8in supiesion lift does anyone know where i can get them

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