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Ranger Sport Honduras

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  • hey man u see the f150 on photoshop thread? what u think thts what mines gna look like in a few
    Yo dude, sorry I havent been on in a while but I just got 31s yesterday. I finally did it. I put a pic on the 2wd section and the one for my avatar. Your truck looks sweet by the way. COol man
    No Dash - dude don't be hating on me. Today She-Who-Must-be-Obeyed calls: The bathroom sink's broken off the wall!!!, Me, How?, She - It doesn't matter, Me - is there a lot of water, She - COME HOME. Me - OK. She - Oh, we put a stool under it and it's ok now. Your truck's in my way. I gotta go. Me, I can't read your mind. She - by. Me - go downstairs, spend 30 seconds re-hooking up the sink.
    BTW.... I missed your birthday!!!! How rude of me.....
    Te voy a tener que mandar una botella de tequila atrazada!!
    Dude, seems I did't post my answer correctly back then....
    BTW, the reply was, "Mucho mojito cubano a la salud de todos, Hoy la resaca me esta matando jaja"

    Dude - don't hate on me about the 305 gag. We've got an oil-slick in my company's parking lot where a guy used to park his POS Chebby with one of those in it. It was only up for like, 5 minutes. Have you quit drooling over Jim's Rack pic? Those things would swallow you up.
    hey man i sold the old ranger haha got a 1998 f150xlt rglur cab and stepside black u think i made a good move?
    WTF? I missed your birthday. You didn't even invite me to the party. Nobody ran into your coop lately?
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