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Ranger Sport Honduras

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  • Also gotta mention I bought this Ranger with 70, 000 miles in 2007 for 2000 dollers, lol so I would be making 500 dollars 3 years later w/ 100K more miles
    If Julio forgets my promise to sell him my truck(unlikely, he often drives it to get lunch and loves her as much as I do) I would love to keep it and customize. BTW, Taking more pics right now. Im gonna post to the thread where I put mi otro fotos
    got it damn near free to use when the ranger dont got enough bed space or I go to the landfill. I've only used her for the landfill because of the lack of speedo. My fire extinguesher was originally installed in the Silverado. It's actually a great truck and looks damn near new inside and out but so does my ranger and its 5 years older than my chebby. guess I'm just more of a Ranger guy. I never would have thought so 2 years ago. I was pissed when I bought the ranger because I couldnt afford a taco LOL. People change I guess. Will you hear me bitch about my truck again? Hell yes! What will my next truck be? A Ranger!!! Im gonna keep this one for another year than my buddy Julio from work is gonna buy it for 2500 (but with 170,000+- miles). I gotta get a fleetside For work as stacking shit higher than my roof gets old.
    tell me about it!! kinda cool ain ti i just customized my profile to match my truck lol white and orange sport decal lol
    how about we start it??
    Oh man I Already got an invite from mike. I'm in But now for the Ranger Sport group we talked about a long time ago?
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