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  1. Rangers around the world.

    I thought it would be cool to take pics of random Rangers out and about just to show off the trucks out and about, Obviously there are plenty of people who just drive the trucks and not do anything extra. So as a shout out to owners lets post here. Plese post general location. State and...
  2. Best bare bones v8 block to start.

  3. Pics of my v8 ranger project

    I think 2000 BMW x5 seats work from what I've heard
  4. removed muffler on 2.3

    Get a cherry bomb shorty
  5. Best bare bones v8 block to start.

    Hey Dirtman I have 2 blocks lying around the 5.0 from that exploder I took back out of the ranger. Needs rebuilding completely ill sell you that one cheap after my friend uses it to mock up the 41 Plymouth he is building. If you just want a good block and you are not worried about the rotating...
  6. Best bare bones v8 block to start.

    Well considering 4 grand will only give you about 100hp more with just slapping the trick flow upper kit on.
  7. Best bare bones v8 block to start.

    Ok first of all ditch the 302, then get a 351w get that punched out to a 398 then get the biggest turbo you can find and make 1200hp
  8. Best bare bones v8 block to start.

    And every 5.3 wishes it was a 5.9
  9. Bronco Premiere!

    Its still November in Australia so thats winter regardless of the tilt.
  10. Bronco Premiere!

    I was thinking LA auto show which should be this month.
  11. Bronco Premiere!

    Manual transmission is different than shift mode a real 7 speed manual with a v8 and gear lever and clutch pedal. I dont see it happening in a suv or pickup truck anymore it just doesn't happen anymore. Unless its a diesel or in Europe. I pray that I am wrong and manufacturers see the light and...

    I piled more trash in the back today while cleaning up the garage
  13. Bronco Premiere!

    Well.... it is a ford sooooo
  14. Bronco Premiere!

    I hate the electric car nazi's. Ok we get it you have instant power. Have fun sitting for 45 mins after you drive 100 miles like that.
  15. Bronco Premiere!

    If you can cram a 6.2 hellcat motor in a gladiator then there is no reason a 5.0 coyote wont fit.