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    1990 ranger shell. 350.00 obo

    Is that 2wd or 4x4
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    Rear Window Options

    Are you looking for a solid peice of glass or a slider window? I have the solid glass from a 89 stx. And I was thinking about switching my slider out on my 90, since I am not a fan of sliders. But I would let that solid glass go. I just read your post again lol nvm
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    Anyone installed round headlights on a 1st gen Ranger?

    So you might want to consider getting a grill from a 76-80's Ramcharger or powerwagon grill. You can cut the ends off for the round headlights that was my plan to match it up. I think they are close to the to the height and width of my 90.
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    R2 slave to '87 master cylinder

    It needs bled
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    I would have never thought of that lol
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    Fuel system 1987 ford ranger 2.3L
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    Flickering headlights after swap

    Ill check it out thanks
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    Flickering headlights after swap

    That was the joke I made originally when I joined here.
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    1992 ranger 4x4 4.0 extended cab 302 swap My 90 has a 5.0 from a 98 mountaineer in it, You will need to relocate your Air charge temperature sensor, I put mine in a vac port on the upper intake change the sensor's to the corresponding...
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    Flickering headlights after swap

    Only problem its a 98 explorer alternator. In a 90. Using a mishmash of 92 mustang, 90 ranger, and 98 mountaineer wiring. Lol it was wired in using the 2 wires the explorer would use and I made a cable with a fuse going from the stud to the battery. So I wasn't sure if that was a factor.
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    Flickering headlights after swap

    Regular headlamps! No, and IDK how to do that! Same battery the 4cyl was using 🤷‍♂️ Im not a raging homosexual sooooo no 2.9l
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    Flickering headlights after swap

    Yes I put a cam in, yes I know some times that's the price you pay. But its super annoying. Those headlight are flickering and the volt gauge jumps around but always in the normal operating ranger according to the ranger factory gauge. There has to be something that can be done. I can see at at...
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    Fuel system 1987 ford ranger 2.3L

    Imgur app on phone upload pictures then copy link then paste in thread
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    Nice swap brah..

    I got passed by a v8 ranger reddish and grey on 15 north this morning in Pennsylvania just before Dillsburg had MD plates just seemed familiar like I saw it on here. Sounded good
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    Custom emblems

    So I have an Idea for some custom emblems for my Ranger but I don't know who I should go through to get them made. Obviously I am a old dodge guy normally so shocker I want emblems that look like the 75-80's Ramcharger badges. With Ford in cursive and Ranger like the badge below eventually Im...