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  1. PRanger

    Speaker/Amplifier help needed!

    Okay so I want to run 4 kicker ks68s and a kicker kx350w 4 channel amp. I already have 2 ks68s in the rear. Now I've read that you should run components up front and coaxial in the rear.. Guess it sounds better, but tbh I think the ks 68s in the rear already sound really good. Is this true and...
  2. PRanger

    Whining fan!

    I'm sure I'm not the only ranger with a whiny fan up front. I'm wondering if there is a way to quiet it down. I don't wanna go through the hassle Of taking out the old and putting in the new.. Just can't afford it right now Thanks
  3. PRanger

    Buying a Superlift...Maybe

    Hey quite a good deal. Somebody near me is selling their superlift that came off their 98 ranger when he did a SAS. Here is the picture he sent me I just need some verification that all of the main stuff is there. Hardware I am most likely going to buy new stuff so not really worried about that...
  4. PRanger

    Hollister Hills this weekend?

    Reply if you're up for some fun @ Hollister Hills this sunday 8/5 I'm bringing a cooler filled with food beer and I'm gonna have a buddy and my xr100 there. Hoping I can get some more people to turn out there so we can all go have a good time. Reply and we'll go from there as far as where to...
  5. PRanger

    PVH problem

    So long story short went wheelin/fishin/shootin a few weeks ago and now from time to time I hear them unlock when I shift in reverse or lock when I go back in D. I checked to see if I was still in 4wd by turning my drive shaft but it spins. It also locks fine when in 4wd. I'm wondering if I...
  6. PRanger

    Tell me if I should buy this jeep dana 30

    http://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/pts/3013479681.html Lookin to offer him maybe $350 for just the front dana 30 Is a dana 30 from a jeep harder or easier than others or what is the easiest on a 98'?
  7. PRanger

    Camber kit/Camber bolt

    Ok so just got some new shoes and the shop mentioned they couldn't put my alignment in spec because there was no more thread on the camber bolt(drivers side.) They told me I needed a camber kit. Now do I need to buy the kit and bushings or can I reuse the bushings? Is there any good how to on...
  8. PRanger

    PRanger's Build

    So here is a picture of it about a week after I got it. Only thing I had done to it was paint the fender flares, grill, cranked the t-bars, and got new bilsteins. I blacked out my wheels the other day will post up some pictures of it looking sexy when the rain stops. So here it is...
  9. PRanger

    Engine brake in 1st

    98 3L auto trans. When I drop it in to 1 I have zero engine braking, almost as if it is in N. it accelerates and drives in 1 but once u let ur foot off the gas it drops to an idle rpm and has no compression to slow me down. Not the torque converter because you can do all of this from a dead stop...
  10. PRanger

    Write up

    Anybody know if there is a good writeup, preferably with pictures, for putting on a muffler that turns out in front of the passenger tire? I am a little confused on where to cut off my old muffler and where to run the pipe so it fits nice under the cab. Thanks
  11. PRanger

    oil burning

    To make a long story short. I was heading up a big dirt road up a mountain to go wheelin with a buddy and when I stopped right before we entered the playground I popped my hood just to let my engine breath and I had oil smoke coming from the back of the block. Checked my oil and sure enough it...
  12. PRanger

    3.0 Muffler Opinions

    Hey looking for a cheap option to get a little rumble out of my 3.0. I have heard lots of youtube videos and I seem to be leaning towards buying a Flowmaster 40 off craigslist or maybe a Thrush Weld. I would like to either keep stock pipes or have it exit in front of passenger rear tire if there...
  13. PRanger

    Better for towing?

    Wondering what tire size would be preferable for towing a boat 235/85/16 or 265/75/16? Looking at either the duratracs or mickey thompson mtz
  14. PRanger

    Hot find SF Bay Area

  15. PRanger

    Smelly oil

    So smelled my dipstick and it smells like gas. I had 2-3 drops of it on to a paper towel from the dipstick. I don't drive short trips in it and I changed the oil bout 1k ago. I have a small coolant leak coming from the heater hose too. How do I check the fpr? I changed the fuel filter today. Any...

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