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    140,000 Suspension is shot, what to do next?

    for the best ride quality set ride height for shocks at mid travel. if the bars are cranked to raise the truck the shocks are limited in their down travel. that means when hitting a 4" hole, instead of just the wheel dropping 4" the wheel only goes as far as the already extended shock goes, then...
  2. pjtoledo

    Is it possible to put a transmission and engine into 1991 3.0 together?

    if you haven't done it yet,,, get a couple of bolts that match the bell housing bolts and cut the heads off, install in the block on each side to guide the tranny home. be sure the bolts are long enough to grab for removal. I ground small flats on them for a wrench.
  3. pjtoledo

    2.3L ('02-'11) HELP!!! Fan Idler Pulley

    1S7Z-6378-AA washer 1328865 they don't cost much from Ford. they are thin and fragile. appear to be part of Dorman 926885 harmonic balancer bolt kit.
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    Why do molehills turn into mountains?

    that stuff sounds similar to hypoid gear lube. have you ever tried it? I'm thinking synthetic without friction modifier. now we resume our regular on-topic posting, maybe.
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    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    Navy humor?
  6. pjtoledo

    Ranger Shocks

    on my 2005 those did bolt on, but were too long I had to shout COIL SPRINGS for a few minutes before the correct shocks appeared.
  7. pjtoledo

    O/D wiring issue

    and some extra wire and make a loop to spread the flex over a longer area???
  8. pjtoledo

    What did you do to your Ranger today? (Part Deux!)

    floor jack finally blew the seal??
  9. pjtoledo

    Drl module location 2009 ranger v6

    check this out, you're not the only one. http://www.fordrangerforum.com/electrical-tech/68728-daytime-running-lights.html
  10. pjtoledo

    2003 V6 3.0L Auto/RWD Ford XL tapered roller bearings torquing specs?

    tighten them while hanging in the air, no weight allowed. keep wheel rotating while tightening there are several opinions of how to do this, I recall the manual goes something like this: tighten to 21 lb/ft, (that fully seats the bearings) 28.5 Nm loosen 1 turn tighten to 17 INCH POUNDS...
  11. pjtoledo

    Drl module location 2009 ranger v6

    in the 2005 wiring diagram book it's part of the smart junction box. I don't know if it has a separate relay inside the SJB.
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    Ranger Tremor

    he was the 4th member of the Three Stooges. or maybe the 5th, not sure on that. EDIT after reading the WIKI article I must humbly admit I was lacking in my knowledge of the Three Stooges, first time I've n been wrong about something (today) :dntknw:
  13. pjtoledo

    Ranger Tremor

    inspired by Schemp?
  14. pjtoledo

    1st Ford, 83 Ranger 4x4

    nice truck on behalf of all the guys stuck with junk up in the rust belt.......we hate you :icon_thumby:
  15. pjtoledo

    What Brand(s) cordless power tools do you go with?

    Milwaukee here. not really a preference it's just what I bought. they work for me. 1/2 drill, 1/4 hex, 3/8 & 1/2 impacts.