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  1. Valve Train Comparison

    I know there is a difference in the valve train on 4.0L SOHC engines between those used in the Ranger and those in the Mustang. I have heard that they both use roller tipped rockers but the Mustang also uses roller lifters. What say you Gearheads?:icon_confused:
  2. Want a New BBK Throttle Body for 4.0's?

    BBK has a new HIPO throttle body in development for newer Ranger 4.0 SOHC's. Since finding this out, I have been constantly emailing them on its progress, only to find out yesterday it may be called off due to a percieved "lack of interest" in the market place. If you would like to have one for...
  3. Auto Parts

    FYI: If any of you guys are looking for trans shifts kits/hipo parts, etc, for the later models auto trans (like the 5R55E, etc), I found the following manufacturers: 1) Superior Transmissions 2) Trans Go 3) Level Ten 4) Sonnax Level Ten has complete trans (torque conv, pumps, bodies) for...
  4. Extended Warrenty

    I need your input as to which companies who offer entended warrenties are better than others and why. Any who have had personal experiences, good or bad, please sing your song to me. I am going to get a "bumper to bumper" policy.:icon_confused:
  5. Pulling da Plugs *!&%@#

    Okay, I know this thread has been covered before, but since I didn't need the info at the time I overlooked it, until now. On my 07 Ranger's 4.0, I need (want) to change my plugs, but the pass side looks impossible to get to because of the AC and a ton of tubing. I heard you guys talking about...
  6. HIPO 4.0L Parts

    FYI: Granatelli Motor Sports has recently released (Nov 08) a new coil pack and spark plug wire sets for late model (SOHC) 4.0L Rangers (etc). The coil pack is one of their ProSeries, 60k (that's 60,000 volts!). The wires, called by MPG Plus are, GET THIS: 0 (zero) ohms, WITH NO RFI! With all...

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