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  1. thank you

    Thank you TRS staff,for the birthday greetings !!
  2. new inflaters

    Took to Ford today,after many years of recall,notices,finally got it done.Drivers,and passenger side,new air bag inflaters. Took um about 2,1/2 hours.Gives me a little more peace of mind. see ya,old retired guy:beer::beer:
  3. airbags,finally?

    After many years,i followed up the recall.Got anotherFord notice,called them, only had pass.side,gave me the runaround.I want pass.side,and drivers done, at same time.2 weeks later,called again,got the RIGHT parts guy,very helpful.Not like before.He's ordering the drivers side,bag STOP,while i...
  4. fixed 06

    Hi guys,i'm new here. Finally fixed a problem,bugging me since i bought it at 45K. Brakes,on,rear end shakeing.Had roters turned, new U/L ball joints,alignment,at 85K.Was OK for awhile.At 90/93,K,getting worse. I now have a good,mechanic.New rotors,ceramic pads,inner/outer,tie rods,with...
  5. new guy

    New guy here from,FL I have a 06,Ranger XL,3.0 engine 2WD 95,000 miles,excellant condition white ARE topper,to match truck 15x8,silver soft 8s,and 30x9.5x15,AT,tires will post more,glad to be on new to me,forum. old guy :beer::beer::beer:
  6. waiting

    just trying to post here,i have not be able to yet.
  7. can't post

    I signed up,e-mail everything. I never got a activate procedure on my g-mail. As of now,i can't post,can't do anything !!! Please fix this. pelicanman