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  1. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    This rear axle assembly came with the backing plates only. But no brake parts. So I have to install all the drum brake parts. I already know to install drum brakes. I had planned to install the drum brakes before I mount the axle assembly.......just to get that part out of the way But then I...
  2. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    The axle tube actually has two diameters since it narrows slightly where the U-Bolts attach. I'm getting about 2-3/4 inch at that point (maybe 1/16 inch less) And it seems to match up with the new axle assembly diameter. But I also measured the U-Bolt leg length incorrectly. I was not supposed...
  3. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    That might be an error on that part description. The axle tube diameter should be the same for current and rebuilt axle assemblies. When I enter my truck details into the filter, it says it's compatible. But I will measure in the next couple days and respond.
  4. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    Ahhh........the makes sense about the horn part. Thanks
  5. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    Ok. Thanks. I just crawled under the truck and measured the flanges. It's kind of hard to tell with the driveshaft yoke in the way. But it appears to be right around 5 Inches, which should be a match. And the flange bolt hole to bolt hole distance of 3 inches, matches the rebuilt axle assembly...
  6. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    This rebuilt rear axle assembly is sitting in my garage now. I have more vacation time at the beginning of June to get this done. A few questions please: 1. I attached a couple photos here. What about these flange bolts with the ridges? What kind of socket do I use for that? 2. The other...
  7. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    Hey guys, The complete rear axle assembly I ordered has been rebuilt and is scheduled to ship tomorrow 8.8 ring gear 4.10 axle ratio 10 Inch drums
  8. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    I confirmed that I don't need to submit a VIN and year/make/model. I ordered a rear axle assembly about 10 days ago. Nobody asked me for payment. I have not heard anything back on this. I don't know what's going on. I'll ask about this on Monday.
  9. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    Looking into a possible lead on a reman 8.8 with 4.10. Then I could match the front axle assembly if I ever wanted 4WD someday.
  10. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    I'll see about maybe talking to someone else at the manufacturer or one of my employer's stores regarding the VIN issue. There are potential complications with doing this. It's very difficult reaching the manufacturer on the phone.
  11. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    It's probably not a good idea to start dealing in false VINS since the purchase would be through my employer. I can still look for a junkyard assembly on car-parts.com and also on the first 2 days of my vacation. (And yes, you may have noticed from another posting I am looking for a transfer...
  12. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    I can't submit another VIN. The purchase would be through my employer. They already have my VIN and make/model/year in the system. They monitor this to make sure I am not giving my employee discount to a friend. And if I ever made a warranty claim, they would ask why I submitted a false VIN if...
  13. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    I talked to a representative at the company that sells the remanufactured complete axle assembly today. He says if I attempt to purchase the 8.8 assembly, they will look up the VIN and cancel the purchase because my make/model is technically not compatible with it. It doesn't matter that it is...
  14. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    Is the rear axle housing between my 7.5 and the 8.8 the same length from back to the pinion flange? Does the 8.8 pinion flange stick out more than the 7.5? Any chance I would have to somehow shorten the driveshaft to make it fit? I know a few of you said mating both flanges might raise minor...
  15. 475,000 mile F7 rear axle

    Ok. Thanks.

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