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    Starting another SOHC swap into a 97

    I just picked up a 97 Ranger ext cab 4x4 with 109k on it and a blown 4.0L. I know nothing about the actual issues with the motor since I bought the truck 3rd hand and the previous owner had never heard it run either. The story was it was abandoned at a garage when the customer decided they...
  2. Nightshift Motorsports

    Let's see your 1st RANGER! Scary pic alert!

    Here's my first Ranger. I have a ton of pics unfortunately the only digital pictures I have of it were the last day I owned it before cutting it up and donating it's parts to other trucks. It was 100% dismantled 6 hours after these pictures were taken. 7 years of HEAVY off road abuse finally...
  3. Nightshift Motorsports

    2.3 to 4.0 SOHC swap????

    Couple pics of mine Motor going into my 98 Ranger Lifting the front end off a bump in the 4 foot deep race lane
  4. Nightshift Motorsports

    My name is BJ and I'm an addict

    Finally got around to registering on the forum even though I've been floating around here for years. I own a small custom / fab shop, and do off road recovery's and I have a weird obsession (addiction) with Rangers and Explorers. I own/ have owned more rangers/explorers than anyone would believe...

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