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  1. 84 durasparked wont start

    I bought this 2.8l 5 speed b2 over a year ago. It ran with the stock computer crap on in. But it ran wierd. It would start right up at a low rpm. After warming up it would die. Even if you were driving it. So I said screw this and did the Duraspark. I did everything that was on the wright up (I...
  2. Fuel pump removel

    I got the lines to the fuel pump off and I got the top bolt loose and ready to come out but Im having a hell of a time trying to get the bottom bolt out. I cant even get my tools in there to get a wrench on it. Whats the best way of getting the SOB out of there?:dunno: Its an 84 BII.
  3. Quick ?

    Will the rear seat and steering column from an 87 BII fit in a 84?
  4. steering column

    I have an 84 b2 with a busted out lock cylinder. I looked into fixing it but it is to far gone for any type of repair. I bought it from a local tow comp, it was stolen and abandoned. So I am looking for a replacement of maybe a whole new column. Will a Ranger column fit and all the wiring hook...
  5. Hot coil

    I Duraspraked my 84 BII awhile back. I never had the time to get it running and its sat for a while. I went out yesterday to to set the dizzy to TDC and get everything ready to go. I cranked it over a few times and got fuel going to the carb and spark coming from the coil. But for some reason...
  6. 89 460cid wont start

    My dads 89 F-250 with the 460cid wont start. Its been sitting for a year because it was running like crap and smoking (Black smoke) bad. It would start up and run really bad before it would get up to temp and than flood and stall. Some one suggested it was the engine temp switch, I replaced it...
  7. 1989 460 efi

    This is my dads truck. He is having problems with it running ritch and flooding after it gets worm. The truck will start but smoke (thick black smoke) like crazy. I think it might be the fuel pressure reg or the injectors stuck open but his nabor read the codes and told him it was the engine...
  8. Duraspark

    I got an 84 2.8. I fallowed the Tech Library post on doing the Duraspark install. Everything went togather easy. I got a Holley 350cfm carb and a Accel Coil. I hit the key hopping for the SOB to fire right up so I can set the timing. Insteed I got nothing. After messing with it for a minute I...
  9. Thanks everyone

  10. Body lift

    I know I know anouther body lift ?. I am getting ready to buy and install a body lift. I figured I go with the 2" for now. I got everything figured out but where to buy my body lift. I looked thew a butt load of web sites and just don't know witch on to buy off of. I am wondering witch site I...
  11. 2.9-2.8 headers

    I'm wondering if the 2.9l headers will fit a 2.8l. I only ask because my room mate just bought 2.9l Headers for his Ranger and when he tryed taking the stock manifolds off he broke most of the bolts:shok:. Long story short he sold the Ranger and now he stuck with the headers sitting on the...
  12. 84BII driveline

    I'm looking to upgrade my stock cv style rear driveline. I was wonering if there are any soild driveshafts I could swap in? :3gears:
  13. Push start

    I am sick of looking for the keys to my 84 BII. So hell with it i'm putting in a push start with toggle ignition from jegs. Any one have a good wire diagram for the Ignition switch? Or can just tell me what wire I need to put power too. :beer:
  14. Idol issue

    :icon_confused:I have the 2.8L 1984 2BBL. It starts right up but the idol is kinda low (500rpm) for being cold. After it worms up (5minutes) it idols up around 1K,rpm than it just dies. I adjusted the timing and adjusted the carb to recommend settings. Any ideas?:annoyed:
  15. Tire size

    I have a stock 84 BII. I would like to know what's the biggest size tire I can get under it. I have already trimmed the fenders a little.:rockon::rockon: