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  1. nate12346

    blown headgasket?

    So Im pretty sure it's blown but I want to make sure with you guys. Whenever I shut off the truck bubbles come up from the radiator and the fluid looks nice and nasty rusty. pretty much 100% on the headgasket. Is it worth my time to fix?
  2. nate12346

    Kicked a ricers @$$!

    So, I was driving home from work late last night with a nasty headache. I'm sitting at a red light when a gray primer honda CRX rolls up next to me with subs bumpin, a tin can exhaust, rims, and a body kit. The dude glances at my gauges on the A pillar of my lifted BII on 31's and blips the...
  3. nate12346

    A new hobby

    Well I have spare time and its too cold to work on my BII and I'm too broke to spend extra cash on it lol. So, I started a model car project to keep me busy. check it out! Ill update the progress lol. It comes completely unpainted. I got the frame put together, suspension, steering link,and...
  4. nate12346

    How hard is it to do a body swap?

    I have my completely destroyed bronco II body that needs to come off and be replaced with a new one. what all needs to happen before you can lift the body off? Thanks a ton
  5. nate12346

    Question on Master cylinder/clutch

    Will the master cylinder from a 1994 ford explorer bolt on to the bronco II? Thanks :icon_twisted:
  6. nate12346

    Will it work?

    I scored 3 incredible home theater speakers and am in the design stages of making a custom setup for my b2. My question is, can I wire up the left and right normally and then link a positive from the left and a negative from the right to make a center mono channel? :icon_confused: I dont care...
  7. nate12346

    Clutch brands?

    SPEC Clutch kit Anybody here heard of this clutch kit? http://thmotorsports.com/spec_clutch/spec_clutch_kit_stage_1/sf961/i-170748.aspx SPEC stage one kit Supposedly a performance upgrade from stock?
  8. nate12346

    can anyone answer this? 4.0 Rad in a BII

    Does a 4.0L radiator from an explorer bolt on to an 88 BII?
  9. nate12346

    radiator question for a 4.0 BII

    Does the 4.0L radiator from an explorer bolt in to the BII?
  10. nate12346

    3.73 D35 TTB swap into a BII?

    First of all, Does anyone have a good one from hub to hub? I remember Jim did it on his ranger, But I was kind of confused. I have drop brackets and understand I will need bumpstops or a new bracket. How easy is this to do? Does it just bolt in place of the D28 with my new grade 8 hardware I...
  11. nate12346

    8.8 and dana 35 axle tag codes

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I need to match gear ratios.. Thank you!
  12. nate12346

    INSANE Day!

    Ok so I was cruising the mountain trails with a bunch of friends here in Durango, Colorado. On the way back home once we hit pavement, we stopped and aired up and tightened up lugnuts and a few odds and ends. We are cruising down Purgatory Ski Mountain pass at 65-70 jammin to music and stoked...
  13. nate12346

    A few Odds and ends Questions

    Hey guys! It has been a long time since I have been back here. Finally working for the summer so I can start working on my BII again. I have a 1994 4.0L explorer sport V6 in it with the 5 speed tranny. These are the plans I have to get done for the month and the questions behind them. 1. Add...
  14. nate12346

    It's Been a While!

    Hey guys! I haven't been on here in a long time! Just wanted to say Im back and I got some sick plans for the BII. I just ordered some racing seats and they should be here in the next couple weeks. I'll post up some pics of how the beast is coming along. I have since painted the whole truck in...
  15. nate12346

    ? For those who chopped their top

    I just chopped the top on my BII due to rolling it. My question is; Did you have to strengthen the frame rails to solidify it? I just articulated it to see if I need to take a leaf off and the frame twisted so much I thought my windshield was going to bust out. Does the addition of a roll cage...