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  1. Body mounts

    Body mounts(LMC question) Well, I'm trying to bring my newly acquired 84 back to life. Upon inspection of the vehicle that has actually been resting since June 2001, I've noted a few holes in the "bed". I would like to patch these shut. Additionally, I noted at least one mounting point on...
  2. The ever popular POR-15

    In an effort to preserve my newly acquired vehicle from the brown/red plaque, I've come to the conclusion that POR-15 is the go to stuff for under body protection. If I'm still running searches on here, but if anyone is under way on an undercoating of their own, I'd like to see the process. I...
  3. Tk-5

    Well, I read that the FM145(6?) is a rather weak and unproductive unit in these vehicles. Considering I have an older TK-5, I am wondering what you guys know about upgrades, durability, etc. I would like to some day put it behind a 4.0 swap if the crowd think it can be made to take it.
  4. So I understand things properly

    I've been digging through this section to see what I can do for my little ol' b2. I'm a cheap sob, so what I've come to the conclusion I should try to do is this. A pair of 4 door 4x4 rear exploder leaf springs, and those chevy drop shackles from autozone flipped over(?) for the rear end. I'm...
  5. Brake tips needed

    Alright, while I am trying to get my newly acquired 84 B2 home, got it running well enough, but the front drivers caliper is seized. I am needing tips and tricks to break it loose, preferably without removing the caliper. I'm not exactly familiar with this vehicle, so I'm not exactly certain...
  6. 1984 2.8

    How boost friendly is the little colgne 2.8?
  7. Tk-5?

    Alright, I assume that what I am working with is a TK-5 transmission. It's in an 84 B2. I'm still searching through the forums, but I'm curious as to some specs. Max torque input, longevity, etc. I haven't had a chance to verify the transmission as I haven't looked underneath and I don't...
  8. new B2 owner

    Well, I've scored a free 84 Bronco 2, 5 speed, came with the 2150 carb on it. Still using the stock ignition system though. I've been reading that the duraspark system is the way to go, but I can't seem to find anyone giving me good solid benefits to the conversion. I can pick up a...

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