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  1. overheated 2008 4.0 V6

    Well I got one end of the hose off but I have no idea how to get the other end off. Any advice?
  2. overheated 2008 4.0 V6

    Thanks for the response. I will get a new hose and put it on. My intent here is to get it to the point where I can get it to a mechanic and let them check it out. Hopefully, the motor is OK. I thought I would put water in after I replace the hose and then start it and see if I can spot any...
  3. overheated 2008 4.0 V6

    I loaned my 2008 Ranger to my sister while I was out of town and it overheated on her. When I got home and checked the radiator I could not see fluid in it so I am thinking probably a bad hose. I also found a rodent nest on the top of the motor, passenger side towards the rear of the engine...