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  1. MXGerry

    05 4.0 serpentine belt squeal

    Looking forward to your update. My friend is looking at this Ranger with belt squeal issue. The owner replaced the belt but the squeal came back after about two weeks. We'll take a closer look this weekend after we finish installing the lift, jeep wheels, and front bumper on the Wrangler.
  2. MXGerry

    1986 Ford Ranger

    That looks like a solid one! Nice
  3. MXGerry

    Im back

    Nice truck! Welcome back
  4. MXGerry


    Welcome to the forums!
  5. MXGerry

    New Here, just got a 98 Ranger I’m working to make my own

    That looks like a neat one! Welcome
  6. MXGerry

    Hello from W.N.C

    Welcome! Lots of mod ideas around
  7. MXGerry

    Minor Fuel Line Leak.

    My uncle got this Ranger with a fuel leak. The previous owner suspected it was the return line. We're going to take a closer look after we finish installing the suspension from 4Wheelonline onto Wrangler and clear the garage. We may opt for a steel brake line if ever.
  8. MXGerry

    New Ranger Owner in PA.

    Welcome and congratulations!
  9. MXGerry

    Floor pans

    My friend got this Ranger project and it will be needing some attention for rust. Hope to find a Bronco II from the local parts yard. We will just finish installing the brake pads and toyo tires on the Wrangler tomorrow before taking the Ranger to the garage.
  10. MXGerry

    New owner in Texas

    Nice new truck! I dig the stance. Welcome
  11. MXGerry

    crazy old man with a car addiction

    Neat engine bay! Welcome to the forums
  12. MXGerry

    New from Wisconsin

    Welcome and congrats on the trade! Enjoy
  13. MXGerry

    Howdy from Louisiana

    Looks neat and nice! Welcome
  14. MXGerry

    Hello From Canada!

    Welcome aboard! Lots of mod ideas around
  15. MXGerry

    Front bumper fog light addition?

    My buddy will be doing the same job for his new '98 project. Upon initial inspection, there seems no wiring for the fog lights. We'll just finish installing the new set of tires from 4Wheelonline plus alignment before we can work with the lighting installations.

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