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  1. Musick17

    I'm back!

    I sold my ranger awhile back because I started driving 125 miles a day for work. So I was left truck-less and it was terrible! So yesterday I bought this 1984 F150 for $900 from a guy that had had it since 1988. It had been maintained its entire life by a certified Ford mechanic. It's obviously...
  2. Musick17

    Rate this plug!

    I've been having issues with very slow acceleration off the line and under 2400 RPM in every gear. Just seems like it doesnt want to move until it hits 2400-2500 RPM. I pulled a plug thinking they may be the issue. The electrode end was dry, gapped corretly, and not burnt. It looked good. But...
  3. Musick17

    What were you driving back then?

    I've been eyeing my dads old 1970 chevy 4x4 rustbucket that he drove in the 70's and 80's and I was thinking to myself "I wonder what this truck looked like back then" (he doesnt have a picture). It would be awesome to see pictures of your rides from the 60's, 70's, and 80's! I'll start, 1970...
  4. Musick17

    Check this one out

    I went to a little lake to take the canoe out and we had just put in and all of a sudden I see this guy roll up! I left my phone in the truck so I stole this picture off the internet. The wheels up top are spinners that turn while he's driving!
  5. Musick17

    Anyone wired up a line out converter before?

    Here's what I have going on. I am putting a 10" sub in my girlfriends 2005 ford focus. I've hooded up several sets of subs, but never with a stock head unit. So I bought a line out converter. I have the remote wire run from behind the dash to the amp and its hooked to the "remote" port. I have...
  6. Musick17

    My easy/cheap fix to hauling my kayak

    So awhile back I bought a kayak and its just too big to carry easily on my truck. So I made a solution. It cost me about $20 to make and works phenomenally... so I thought I would share it with you all. Let me know what you think!
  7. Musick17

    Thought I Would Share

    About 8 months ago I made a couple of posts asking about compression tests and detailed out the overheating issue I had with my truck. I finally decided to take it to another mechanic to get checked out. For the whole store about what was going on with my truck check out this thread...
  8. Musick17

    Truck jams in your garage

    You guys ever hooked up a car stereo in your garage or something? If so, how'd you do it? Reason for asking, I'm trying to make a cooler stereo. I ordered some marine grade speakers and amplifier that included a direct iPod hookup. The system runs off of 12v DC. I plan on using a rechargeable...
  9. Musick17

    Engine compatibility question

    I tried searching the forums and google for what I was looking for, but I couldn't quite find it. I have a 2002 ford ranger with a 2.3L motor, with a manual transmission. The motor is blown. What year's of 2.3L motors will be a direct swap into my truck? Also, are there any 6 cylinders that...
  10. Musick17

    compression test question

    What kinds of compression tests are there? I've seen the manual ones where you put a gauge where the spark plug goes and you turn the motor over and it gives you a reading. The reason I ask is because the people that are working on my truck said they did a compression test where they...
  11. Musick17

    coolant coming out of reservoir cap

    So last week my truck went in and got a new heat control valve because it went bad and dumped my coolant all over a gas station parking lot. I noticed a couple days ago that I was low on coolant, which definitely should be since it all just got replaced with fresh and should be topped off...
  12. Musick17

    Question for the fisherman

    I was trying to think of a good way to mount either 1 or 2 fishing poles inside of my truck. I really dont like them rolling around in the bed or toolbox. And putting them behind my seats make me leery as well because I can just imagine someone sliding the seat back and smashing them. So what...
  13. Musick17

    Excessive water from A/C

    Since it is now finally getting hot around here I've been running the A/C a bit in the truck and noticed a whole bunch of water puddling when I parked it. This was not the regular little puddle of water I would get last summer. This was a come outside and head to my truck and stop in my tracks...
  14. Musick17

    How do you flag your cargo?

    Just wanting some general input from everyone on how you flag your cargo whenever it is overly long or wide? What do you typically use? How do you attach it? How much do you let hang before you decide to flag? If you never flag, even when you should, why don't you? Thanks to everyone that...
  15. Musick17

    Ever build a gokart?

    I just randomly googled homemade go karts because i have always wanted to make one and there is some awesome stuff on there, so I figured I would see what kind of things you guys have done.

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