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    1999. 11 year truggy build

    Started this build 11 years ago with my oldest son and now just about to finish it with my youngest son now it has come a long ways and it is truning out pretty cool we think. We have over 500 Pictures from the start. I post just a few.
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    new from MONROE MI

    Update. All most done!!
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    new from MONROE MI

    Alot has changed since I've been on here but it is still not done! This is the year it will be completed. We are getting close to seeing if the motor will run, if so then we will put the axles back under her and make some drive shafts and get her weighed to figure out spring rate.
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    new from MONROE MI

    Hello and thank you for letting me join the groop. I'm currently building a 1978/1999 Ford Ranger Truggy. Been in works for 7-8 years not much time to work on it but it is getting close to being done. motor is a 472 bb c6/np205 2.5 ton Rockwell axles and 48" tires with Stazworks wheels dual...