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  • Truck has been in the shop for 3 days, waiting for results on a diagnostic check! Wish me luck for simplicity.
    if its running it cant be THAT far out. crawl up under it with a rag and wipe the damper off really well. You are looking for a bunch of marks and numbers called a degree wheel. Once you find BTDC 10, draw a line on it with a white or yellow paint pen (just mark in the groove).
    You will then pull the plug from the spout connector. its a little plug (dead ends, and a jumper pulls out of it) that branches off near your distributor. start the truck, and put a timing light on it. rotate distributor until the line you drew is hitting your timing needle.

    tighten distributor, reinsert spout plug.
    No unfortunately I do not and after visiting a few junkyards and mechanics yesterday, I was told that the timing on the truck is electronic and the factory has to adjust it. Even if it is electronic, couldn't I still adjust this by rotating the distributor (once I find the marks of course)?
    no. You need to clean off of the crank damper really well. Sometimes the Degree marks are hard to find. They are very shallow engravings. You will find 10* on there, and that is what you want for your base timing.

    Do you know how to pull your spout plug to set base timing and stuff?
    On the 'pulley'(if thats what its called), instead of a engraved marking, there is a chunk about half a cm missing from the pulley itself, is that the tdc mark?
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