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Mr. Bossley's latest activity

  • Mr. Bossley replied to the thread 08 FX4 SAS.
    Hahah ya I have been strongly considering getting a sled lately. They are a blast. I have a couple friends that are right into it and...
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    I'm just gonna leave this here... When I was younger... winching on something for hours in chest deep snow might have been fun...
  • Mr. Bossley replied to the thread 08 FX4 SAS.
    Had an eventful day out and the track bar held up nicely. We got stuck for several hours in the deep stuff. Digging and winching into...
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  • Mr. Bossley replied to the thread 08 FX4 SAS.
    I finished my new track bar yesterday. 1.25" x .250" wall DOM tapped for a new 7/8" heim and slightly bent to clear the diff cover...
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  • Mr. Bossley replied to the thread 08 FX4 SAS.
    So the t-case has been working great. But now it's time to build a new track bar...oops. The snow was great this weekend though...
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  • Mr. Bossley replied to the thread 08 FX4 SAS.
    T case was leaking from a couple spots so decided it was time for a rebuild. New bearings and seals going in. Surprisingly everything...
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  • Mr. Bossley replied to the thread 08 FX4 SAS.
    Went camping for a few nights last weekend in Nakusp and found some hot springs. About a 5 hour road trip from home. Didnt find as much...
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