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  1. Here it is guys final product

    This have taken me 26 months to complete and the only thing left is wheel alignment and tint and still need an inspection man this has been a pain in my butt. Its a 91 ranger my setup is quite small 15x7 on 235/60/15 in rear 15x7 205/60/15 front looks ok tho i just had so many problems with 17x8...
  2. 17x7 and 17x8 rims

    On a 91 2wd ranger on my front i would like to put a 17x7 infront but so far all the rims i have been trying have been sticking out about 3/4 to 1inch and thats with 4inch backspace and 0 offset. What is everyone else using i really dont want my tires sticking out pass my fender.:icon_confused:
  3. Here is a few more pictures of my 302 ranger that is in the spray booth

    Just an update of my 2 year old project lmao.....
  4. Best tire and rim combination for a 91 2wd ranger

    I'm really looking for the widest rim i can run on my truck with a nice tire. :icon_hornsup:
  5. My Build thread

    nice truck..what size rim and tire
  6. Just alittle info on how i decided on doing my swap..it may help someone out..

    At the beginning when i started my swap i didnt no what to get and didnt have many peeps to ask. So what i did know is how to work google and ask as many questions as possible so it would let me know if i wanted to tackle this monster. After googling my butt off for months i started going to the...
  7. 91 ranger 2wd 4.0 to a 302

    Hi everyone i'm new to the forum but i'm in progress of putting a 302 in a ranger. I bought an old 87 crown vic motor and rebuild it. i put in it a stage1 cam,dome pistons and of course some tri Y header for my sound. Now i'm putting the motor inside the ranger with a c4 tranny in the rear and...
  8. 91 ranger 2wd 4.0 to a 302

    Hi everyone i'm new to the forum i just wanted to share my project with others.I have a 91 ranger that i'm putting a 302 in it. I started this project back in april of this year i rebuild the motor myself. Now i have a stage 1 cam with longtube tri Y headers and E7 heads.After rebuilding the...

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