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  1. mongo

    need vacume diagram soon very soon

    ok my buddys got a 96 f150 with a 302 5spd weve looked everywhere but cant find a vac diagram can anyone point us in the right direction
  2. mongo

    shackel flip

    i read that this will lose a little travle so not as much weight
  3. mongo

    shackel flip

    do you go back threw the same holes with the new bolts and would you do this or an axle flip to drop your truck about 2 inches and does this limmit your towing any im new to the idea of lowering but the rangers just look better low
  4. mongo

    shackel flip

    so you cant unbolt it and turn it around
  5. mongo

    shackel flip

    ok so why do you have to turn the hanger around for a shackel flip cant you just un bolt the shackel and flip it around? im not trying it yet but wondering
  6. mongo


    everyone just throw in your sites for good performance parts and save it for when someone ask about it later
  7. mongo

    2.3 stroker

    ok first off im just doing this to learn about the engine a little but any one built a 2.5 stroker out of a fuel injected motor what goes into it i mean what else do you have to change besides the crank and what not any crank sensor or anything
  8. mongo

    underdrive pulleys

    any one know where to get a set of underdrive pulleys for a 95 2.3
  9. mongo


    what makes headlights fog up anyone know and how do you prevent it
  10. mongo

    fiberglass hoods

    if anyone is looking i found some http://www.carhoods.com/
  11. mongo

    trans fluid

    what does everyone use for tranny fluid
  12. mongo


    fo thoes of you in alabama for is going to sept slam at gray rock ohv
  13. mongo

    2.3 performance

    ok so im in the process of buying a 95 ranger 2wd 5spd its $500 its needs a clutch and heater core a few questions first how hard it a heater on one of these and does anyone know where i can get a lightweight flywheel in trying to find one but the plans are cai thrush welded to duels...
  14. mongo

    jet chip

    anyone have one worth the money for the few hp any review at all would be nice i looked them up and every one said not much of a diffrence but worth the money and that dosnt make any scence
  15. mongo

    Primium Fuel (advantage?)

    you again i think the 2.3 needs all the help it can get and if 87 if fine then why do people run 101 racing fuel and why do they get much better performance out of it on a stock engine i think that the higher the octain the higher the oxigen level is in the fuel and a higher burn level

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