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  1. Towing a 87 2.3 5 speed 2wd behind a motorhome

    Hello All, I have lots of questions for you guys, 1. Can i safely tow my Ranger behind a motorhome without harming the transmission or drive train? 2. I have been looking for tow bar mounts, anyone ever weld up their own, most places want over 300.00 for the mount kit, no bar, only the mounting...
  2. 1987 Speedometer is jerky and wild!

    Hello All, I have an 1987 Ford Ranger, 2.3L and the speedometer is jerky and it will also act OK as I am on the gas, but when I let off the gas to shift gears (manual Transmission) the speedo will drop to zero, then, as I put in another gear and am on the gas, it goes back up, but is still a bit...
  3. Timing a 2.3 Liter 87 Ranger

    Hello All, I want to check my timing on my 1987 ranger 2.3 litre, but on the cowl it says to remove the SPOUT sensor and then time to 10BTDC, I have no clue where the spout sensor is and then what type of wrench do I use to move the distributor? I checked the timing with everything in tact (no...
  4. Spout location?

    Hello All, I have a timing light and am now going to time my 87 2.3 FI motor, where do I find the Spout at? Also, does anyone know where to get a free maint. manual for this motor? Thanks in advance, Rick
  5. Code reader and Loping problem

    Hello All, I need to purchase a code reader for my 87 2.3 FI. Where would be a good place to purchase one? Also, It seems this little truck sputters occasionally and then also lopes from time to time. It has a low RPM miss as well, when I fully floor the truck it seems to have good power with no...
  6. 1987 Instrument panel lamp changes?

    How do you change out some faulty lamps in the instrument panel of my 1987 This also includes the emergency brake light and check engine lamps Thanks in advance, Rick
  7. No speedometer

    Hello All, I am new here and am hoping to use all your minds and experience. I have an 87 2.3 Litre Injected and noticed the speedometer does not work at all, will this effect engine performance (computer settings)? It runs rough Thanks all in advance, Rick

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