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  1. Engine surges and stalls at cold idle

    There are two vacuum hoses going into the top of the air box as well; one from the egr valve and one from the intake so it makes sense that it needs to be sealed, at least on a motor like mine with the egr setup.
  2. Engine surges and stalls at cold idle

    I removed the vacuum hose from the brake booster and ran smoke into the intake from there. It just poured out of the box. I read the upper part of the box is sealed so assumed that was the problem and sealed it. It's possible that wasn't the cause but it did fix it after throwing parts at it...
  3. Engine surges and stalls at cold idle

    Fwiw, I had the same issue and beat my head against it for weeks. Changed everything from IAC to distributer and coil, to egr valve and sensors. Everything. Ultimately I did a smoke test and found that the lip on the air box you connect the intake tube to had torn and created a huge vacuum leak...