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    what did you get for christmas

    Marry Christmas 2020
  2. miller time

    Explore and ranger 4.0

  3. miller time

    Explore and ranger 4.0

    Will a 03 ranger 4.0 sohc work in a 99 Explorer 4.0 sohc
  4. miller time


    I have a 99 3.0 4x4 5 speed man transmission and driving around it sound like I striped gears ? Is can I get a 2 wheel drive Trans and change just the tail housing to make it work with the transfer case Any help thanks
  5. miller time


    Can anyone tell me the tow spec on a 3.0 2000 ex cab 373 gear truck and a 4.0 1999 ex cab 4.10 gear Please and thank you
  6. miller time

    Oil pressure

    My dad and I was changing out a 4.0 to a 4.0 no big deal. He got it running and it ran fine blew a rad hose that we forgot to tighten. Well we got home and I watched it a it idle 800 toms or so and then it drops to 500 and then the oil pressure shows nothing for 5-15 sec and idle back at 800 and...
  7. miller time

    Favorite tool

    Show your favorite tool to work with. Mine is Matco 3/8 air impact
  8. miller time

    4.0 to 4.0 swap

    My dad got two truck this month. Both are 1998 or 99 but they are the same motor. Saturday and Sunday he spend swapping the motor out went to start it. Did not start pulled the computer and had water poor out. So he swap computers out. Went to start it nothing. So he went to swap the pats system...
  9. miller time

    what to do

    i have a 99 ranger t-bar setup 4x4 the tires are riding on the inside. the tire shop said its because of the 15x10 rims and the 32 11.5 tire but you said that i should have no problems. I'm going to take to a off road shop soon to see what they can do. i see a lot of sas like dana 30 44 and...
  10. miller time

    not a ranger but can you help

    06 Honda civic with a 1.8 motor it will not start it will turn over a bit then the starter will click:icon_confused::icon_confused::icon_confused:
  11. miller time

    What's the best/favorite/worst mod you have ever done

    What's the best/favorite mod you have ever done to any car/truck. Best-Mine is going to be the winch that I got for Xmas it has saved my butt a few time Favorite- is the sub I love music and a sub is the only way to go Worst- is the crack the frame
  12. miller time

    Exiting poll

    uhttp://www.therangerstation.com/forums/picture.php?albumid=2083&pictureid=8035\uc0\u8236 }[/IMG] Where should I exit the exhaust at. Single before the tire Behind the tire ( stock setup ) Duels straight the back 45 90 I am thinking about using a flowmaster 10 or 40
  13. miller time

    Tires are wearing on the inside

    Tires are wearing on the inside and I took it to a shop. They said they are out of adjustment. They can't push the upper a arm out far enough for the tire to ride flat on the ground. Anyone else run into this problem. It is a 1999 ranger 4.0 4x4 body lift and t-bars turn up a bit 32-11.5-15 on...
  14. miller time


    What year did they switch 6 bolt to the 8 bolt

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