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Recent content by mikeluckey

  1. eec relay amperage

    I am going to replace the old relay and connector in my 86 ford ranger, and I am wondering if anyone knows what amperage the new one should be? thanks all!
  2. EEC relay

    Can anyone tell me where the EEC relay is on my 86 ranger. 2.3 . It does not appear to be in the fuse box. thanks, then how can I test it?
  3. ranger no spark

    Had a no spark, no power to fuel pump issue with 86 ranger 2.3. engine would turn over. fuel pump ok, new fuel p. relay coil and icm tested ok. I took the computer out and for kicks, I tried and all of a sudden had spark! does this mean my EEC is bad? any help would be great, thanks. Mike.

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