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  1. 200amp alternator

    Been looking to upgrade from my stock alternator to a higher output for audio and other electronic reasons. Saw this on ebay but not sure about it since its a reman. Thoughts on it...
  2. Steering leak

    Lately I've had a small leak in my power steering start to grow. I cleaned up everything and thought it was a bad line but turns out its the steering box. My thinking is because of the larger tires I have put on, a seal on the box went bad. Do they sell new seals or are you forced to get a new...
  3. Inner fender splash guards

    I just put on some new rims and tires and I had to cut my fenders and also my splash guard inside the fender. Is there something out there I can get to custom fit to my truck so I can install to get a close fit to the fender now? Did a search and checked out eBay but didn't see anything but a...
  4. 1.7 rockers

    I'm looking at doing this mod but I see Morona doesn't sell those rockers anymore. Is there another place that sells them?
  5. GMC Yukon XL vs My ford ranger

    Got into an accident today. Stupid blonde woman yacking on her cell phone ran into me trying to turn onto a main street. I was doing about 30 and she was pulling across opposite traveling direction lanes into my side before hitting my truck in the rear right above the tire. What sorta pissed me...
  6. Which wheel to get?

    Im about to purchase new tires in the next month or 2 but im unsure of what wheels to get. Im new to this and am not sure about backspacing and sizing. I see there are 15x8 and 15x10 and each size has there own backspacing. My goal would be to slightly bring out my tires a little more. I know...
  7. Gearing advice

    OK in the next month to 2 im going to be buying a bigger set of tires. I made up my mind to get some wrangler duratrac tires in 33x12.5x15. Right now I got a 7.5 rear axle and a d35 geared at 3.73. I plan to go to the junk yard and hopefully find a working 8.8 with 4.10 gearing in it. After...
  8. No spark

    Well at 5:30 this morning on my way to work, my motor just suddenly died while I was doing 50mph on the main street. I was able to coast into a walmart parking lot and make it to work. Now I got my truck back home from a tow with my dads truck but I still cant seem to figure this out. I have...
  9. My ranger at work

    Digging up part of the driveway to redo it. This is my truck filled with soaked clay,mud, rocks. Took an hour to fill it up being soaked and each shovel load feeling like 50lbs each lol. I know im probly over the weight limit or right at em for my tires which is 2270lbs. So glad I got the...
  10. Bilstein shock question

    I just got 2 bilstein front shocks. The part number is f4-bes-6215-h5. It didnt come with the nut for the top of the shaft. I have no idea what size nut it is and the instructions are all in german. Does anybody know what size nut it takes?
  11. Worlds biggest zit

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNOxn-paCHs&feature=player_embedded#t=51 I laughed my ass off :icon_rofl:
  12. trying to make decision on 3.0

    Well as it sits now my 3.0 is in need of new rings at the least. It burns a good amount of oil and im just ready to fix it. 2 years ago I got new heads on it, got my custom intake and just recently got an underdrive pulley. What my plan is was to get a 3.0 engine block from the junkyard or were...
  13. Custom Explorer Chassis Build

    When can you build me a boxed frame for my ranger lol? Very nice work man, you definatly have a skill with that welder.
  14. the secret to lowering your first gen ranger for only 20 bux

    So 1000 pounds of dirt cost 20 dollars? Never knew that lol.
  15. Pondering thought

    I have been pondering the idea of doing the rear shackle flip to gain some more more flex. Now I know with the flip the rear suspension will drop down a few inches. I want to keep my ride height as is so I was thinking, could I get 6" lift leafs and use it on my 4" lift? With the extra arch of...

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