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  1. washer, wiper delay not working

    97 xlt 4.0L 4x4 AT The Washer spray thing and the wiper delay quit working. I checked fuses nothing blown, also checked for power at the washer pump - no power when I have someone press spray button.. any ideas on where to start looking or literature on how to get this resolved would be much...
  2. Yearben chinese 3x bypass shocks & coilovers

    I came across these today when in search of longer shocks for the truck. Ive never heard of them, nor could i find any reviews on them. anyone have any experience with these.
  3. Junk yard fuel tank installed where spare tire is

    Not sure where to post this. I'd like to move the fuel tank "location" from stock location to spare tire location for weight reasons. Rear suspension is too harsh. i was looking at fuel cells but for the price of a cell and pump I'd rather scab something from the junk yard @ 1/10th the cost...
  4. 64" chevy leaf spring swap questions

    The spring has a weird compound bow feeling when you stand on the leaf spring to force it to full droop. The leaf springs were re-arched to 13 inches. shackles flipped. 7.5 inch shackles (eye to eye). Front spring hangers moved 6 inches forward. seems like springs don't have enough arch. I would...