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  1. Maverick

    New C5 Torque Converter

    Bump, price lowered.
  2. Maverick

    New C5 Torque Converter

    I have a new C5 torque converter laying around for a 2.8/2.9 V6 that was out of my old B2R project. It was installed, but was never driven on or even got the truck running. $50+ the ride. Located in Eureka, CA. Text is best 707-496-4084
  3. Maverick

    Anyone have a cabin they get away to?

    My dad and I co-own a house up at a place called Trinity Lake about 130 miles from where I live now. We bought it as an unfinished new home and are in the process of finishing it off right now. I'm actually going up this weekend to check out the insulation job that was done before we get the...
  4. Maverick

    79 D44 rebuild ?'s

    I've done lots of business with JBG, and they've always been good to deal with. It's pretty hard to beat there pricing as well, I haven't found anybody that beats them on spicer ball joints. You could probably piece that kit together cheaper, but you'd really have to look around you might save...
  5. Maverick

    9" yoke/flange problem

    All ford 9" gear sets have a 28 spline pinion unless you buy a special gear set with a 35 spline pinion (typically used for racing) regardless of axle spline count. So no, you are not getting the wrong info.
  6. Maverick

    Concealed Carry Pistol Thread

    No need to provide pics, they wouldn't mean much. I could stuff my Camp 9 down the front of an old pair of carhartt pants with a loose zip up sweatshirt up top and you'd never see it. Doesn't mean it would be comfortable enough to carry everywhere, which is what my post was about. I've carried...
  7. Maverick

    Concealed Carry Pistol Thread

    I think there is a decent amount of bullshitting going on. Half the guns posted in this thread would be a burden to conceal carry, surely not comfortable all day every day. My .38 snub nose can get annoying at times, and I wouldn't consider myself a small person by any means. If my only carry...
  8. Maverick


    That's exactly what I was thinking. Maybe he was limp wristing the hell of it and that's just from the beaver tail digging in :icon_confused:
  9. Maverick

    Pivot Bushing Replacement

    I'm currently installing the lift on my 95 Ranger, putting in new pivot bushings while the axle is out and on the ground. It's been years since I've replaced a set. I don't remember how I did it but what I do remember was that it was a pain in the ass. Anybody have any awesome techniques or...
  10. Maverick

    Dana 44 cracked plug welds

    Grind as much of the factory plug weld out as you can before you weld it back up. You can use regular mig wire, but you need that SOB hot and it needs to cool slowly keep from pulling back and cracking. If you have a digital temp gun you'll want the weld area up in the 600-700 degree range...
  11. Maverick

    Project Adventure Ranger: 95 Ranger Build

    Picked up another Ranger a few weeks ago with the idea using it as an "adventure" rig. This truck is going to be built with the intent of being a comfortable driver while still having enough off road prowess to conquer mild trails and extended back country trips. It needs to be as reliable as...
  12. Maverick

    sas dana 44

    Everybody needs to chill out... except for BennyBooster. Since he's swingin' 8" flaccid, he can do whatever. Seriously though guys, no need for personal attacks. Settle down a bit.
  13. Maverick

    Lunch box locker prices...

    Is it just me or have they gone through the roof? Last time I bought one was around '08 for a D30, it was an Aussie and I paid like $240 for it brand new. The one before that was a Lock-Right for a 9" and it was right around $200 new. I've been looking around for a lunch box locker for a 28...
  14. Maverick

    conceal carry gun rant

    What does muzzle flash have to do with anything? With the type of thinking that you and a few others share, why not just carry a .50AE? If bigger is better and you don't want a magnum, then a .50AE shits all over a .45ACP. It's not suppose to be comfortable but comforting right? A 11" pistol...
  15. Maverick

    conceal carry gun rant

    I believe anything is better than nothing. If that's what you have and are comfortable with, carry it. If I had one given to me I would probably add it to my CC permit just because. Would I go out and buy one with the intent of using it as a CCW... no. Here is my reasoning. I've had a bit of...

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