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  1. masterbrenden

    not another seat quetion

    hey guys, on my 2010 ranger i am coming to that notable moment when the fabric on my drivers seat is wearing thin and gonna tear soon so i got a question because i have always hated the firmness of my seat foam. now here's the kicker. i work at T.M.I. products inc. we make can you guess...
  2. masterbrenden

    2010 31 spline swap

    I got a 2010 ranger with a 28 spline 8.8 disc factory. I am looking at swaping the explorer 31 axle but I got one problem/question? I got four wheel abs as well as traction control and rsc so needles to say. I got sensors. Lol. Does anybody know what works and what doesnt. I got four corner...
  3. masterbrenden


    i can't remember the name of those shift knobs you can put on the ranger t-case to make it manaul.... i remember seening them on her before....does anyone know the name or can some one sent me a link... thanks
  4. masterbrenden


    so i went a bent my 98 ranger:sad: i was wheeling with viper control... when i hit my front cross member on a rock... didn't see it tilli hit it at about 10 to 15mph... now it pulls left and the passenger tire is about 1/2 inch back further over the driver side
  5. masterbrenden

    head bolts?

    ok... so i am gonna be doing a rebuild on my 3.0l in my 98 ranger... my questions is my engine was swaped in from the previous owner (hack job) and i have no clue as to which year the motor is, so are the bolts interchangeable or do i have to pull it all apart to see if i have the longer ones or...
  6. masterbrenden

    cherry bombs

    does anyone run a cherrybomb extreme or a cherrybomb vortex on a 4.0l sohc with 3 inch pipes from the cat back... how does it sound? does anyone know if this would void my 2010 ranger warranty? i am asking because i am paying extra for the extended 6 year 60000 mile warranty and don't want to...
  7. masterbrenden


    has anyone adapted any of the lokar shifters to the 4r44e i like the idea of a floor automatic shifter
  8. masterbrenden

    98 ranger build...aka "the super ranger"

    this is the first post on my new build project i am starting with a almost stock 98 3.0l at ranger runner 265/75 r16 what brought this up is that i have wanted to wheel it for he last year and now it is no longer my dd and the trans went out so in return it is getting morphed? mahahahaha...lol...
  9. masterbrenden

    beefing up 4r44e

    is there any thing i can do to beef up the 4r44e enough to run a 35 with out killing it or can someone suggest a good replacement
  10. masterbrenden

    new truck

    boy is it nice and smooth the ac works!:D and the 4.0l is a god-send over my old 3.0l 2010 ranger sport 4.0l at 4x4 supercab 4 door. dark gray:D:D:D and it has working 4x4 and the lower splitter with the fogs in it and they work...lol
  11. masterbrenden

    i have a dilemma

    here it is: i have a 98 rang. 3.0l, at, the trans is bad.:sad::sad::sad: it has been a very nice truck, now i have the chance to get a brand-new truck. i dilemma is do i get rid of the old truck or let this strike the start of a project? also what can you do to a ranger to make it better off...
  12. masterbrenden

    got it home

    so today i went to try and move my truck.... well it moved so i attempted to get it home and well i now know for sure my trans is bad. it was making very very bad noises and ended up totally locking in with no disengagement. in other word it was as if i was driving a stick with no clutch...
  13. masterbrenden

    Throttle by wire? 08 Ranger

    i drive NEW tahoo's(for our sherrif station) sometimes and i will say, stay with cable, there is so much lag time it them if you need to get out the way it is not happening
  14. masterbrenden

    trailer brakes

    has anyone put trailer brakes on there ranger for towing is there any wiring in it allready
  15. masterbrenden

    need help

    i need help i own a 98 (beat to shit) ranger xlt with a 3.0l that i just lost the trans in my dilemma is i found a nether option other than putting a new trans in i found an 04 ranger with a 4.0l sohc auto 4x4 for 13,330 with 72000 miles this would mean trading my truck in for. my question is...

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