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  1. master hec0

    Never use wheelsnext.com worst experience ever.

    I just got off the phone with wheelsnext.com after a week of not hearing from them about my order for craiger rims and toyo tires. they tell me that my order has been paused because my address didn't match my credit card address. the discrepancy was the word PLACE on order info and my credit...
  2. master hec0

    97 leaf spring interchangable years.

    so my leaf spring on the drivers side broke. I got a pair from a 07 ranger but they were not the same anybody know what years will swap with my 97? its single cab flare side 4x4
  3. master hec0

    97 ranger brake cable question

    im trying to replace the brake cable to the left rear drum is there any way of separating the cable or do i have to replace the whole thing right up to inside the cab. pic of the back half of the cable and this piece that separates the cable any way of replace just to this part?
  4. master hec0

    raybestos brake cables increase horsepower!

    http://www.amazon.com/Raybestos-BC95408-Parking-Brake-Cable/dp/B000FFHX96/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1295998607&sr=8-1 found that to be quite funny
  5. master hec0

    seatbelt question.

    I put 99 ranger 60/40 seats in my 97 ranger but now the "plugs" do not match since the 99 seats have the seatbelt built into the seat and are the newer style. what would be the best way of fixing this? im thinking maybe getting an adapter to covert or cutting the seatbelt and putting the new...
  6. master hec0

    Synthetic oil in my 2011?

    So I just got a 2011 Ranger and The oil change schedule is 12000 kilometers or 6 months. So I want to run full synthetic oil What brand would you suggest? Im leaning towards mobil1 since the interval isn't crazy long.
  7. master hec0

    So my 87 Bronco II is gone.... Look what I got now!

    So I drove my bronco II down to great falls Montana on Saturday and on the way back 10 miles north of the Montana border I got a big oil leak that caused a huge smoke show ran to the Canadian tire about 50 miles away poured some stop leak in the thing and continued on my way. The next morning...
  8. master hec0

    I think i triggered the anti-theft..... how to reset it?

    so im trying to figure out this radio problem and i start to hear beeping coming from the passenger side and now my truck wont turn over when i engage the key. so how do I reset the anti theft system? its a 97 manual 4x4 ranger Edit now it is slowly clicking not like dead battery.
  9. master hec0

    Jvc stereo deck installation issues

    so I installed a jvc deck into my 97 ranger the issue that I am having is it will only power up when the key is off and it would only eject cds and display time. from the 12v constant the strange thing is that the deck powered on fully functional prior to unplugging it to fit it into the dash...
  10. master hec0

    What is the point of the ignition key lock?

    so my 87 bronco II and my 97 Ranger both have key locks. meaning i can remove the key from the ignition unless i push the white button under the steering wheel or push the black lever on the steering column on my ranger. what exactly is the point of incorporating this system into the vehicle? it...
  11. master hec0

    Finally upgraded!!!

    <------------------- I finally got my premium membership. anyone who uses this site on a regular basis should get this membership to keep TRS alive plus you get a sticker:yahoo:
  12. master hec0

    99 floor pans in 97 ranger

    so the floors are rusted out on my 97 and since i already have seats for a 99 ranger i figure i might as well install 99 floors to fit the seats without any bracket swapping. so will 99 floors fit in a 97? its extended cab. also what kind of welder would be best for welding in the floor?
  13. master hec0

    Manual hubs.what will fit?

    so my 97 ranger needs a driver side manual locking hub. what other vehicles will interchange hubs?
  14. master hec0

    Broken seat bolt. What now?

    so im taking the seats out of my 97 ranger to swap in 99 seats. 60/40 now the 2 fronts came out fine but the back 2 on the passenger seat did not. one stripped and the other broke. how am i supposed to get these out? the broken one is broken flush with the floor.
  15. master hec0

    LOOSE steering wheel. 3rd gen.

    so i finally paid off my 97 ranger and drove it home man was that every scary the wheel has about a 1/8th of play from side to side and the wheel wobbles in every direction but one come out by pulling on it. my question is. is there any way of tightening the wheel? or do i just need to replace...

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