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  1. 2.9L Rebuild - performance improvement advice

    I think mine was faulty, putting out up to 12v at times. I don’t think they are supposed to go much over 6 volts with the pulse. I have since learned that the pulse is their function but with the new part in there I think I can expect more reliability.
  2. 2.9L Rebuild - performance improvement advice

    Sorry maybe I didn't say it in the post, I bought and installed a new alternator to eliminate that as potential problem. Pretty sure I didnt need one now but hindsight is 20/20 and now I have spare. PROBLEM SOLVED... so far so good. All that was done in the end was changing the voltage...
  3. 2.9L Rebuild - performance improvement advice

    Has anyone had trouble with their instrument panel voltage regulator?? Mine seems to have shit the bed as my gas gauge reads full no matter (has new sending unit). With alternator wired up separately, isolating it from the wiring going to cluster, it runs great . However, after test drive, under...
  4. 2.9L Rebuild - performance improvement advice

    Maybe that’s why I had to put a jumper wire in inertia? Or that’s just another issue lol.. Update: unplug alternator it ran better. Alternator wasn’t charging system at low rpm. Just changed alt, no change. Checking wires
  5. 2.9L Rebuild - performance improvement advice

    Okay thank you, so that confirms the fuel pump code 95 is normal when ecu swap. Left key on so waiting for battery to charge to test new (used) MAP Will post update. Any ideas are welcome.
  6. 2.9L Rebuild - performance improvement advice

    Got a couple maps from picknpull and a tps, gonna try them out see if it makes a change
  7. 2.9L Rebuild - performance improvement advice

    Alright, I am having some trouble. Timing is set to 11deg with spout removed. running poorly. Spout back in, it advances to like 15deg and under load it is backfiring and choking. CODES were 22 (MAP), 63 (TPS), and 95 (fuel pump/fuel pump monitor) KOEO. same codes in hard faults and memory. The...
  8. 2.9L Rebuild - performance improvement advice

    Update: Mostly back together! engine and tans are back in, just have upper intake and ram air to go, and transfer case, drive shafts and shifters. ERG is gone, Knock sensor gone, 1 cat remaining and is punched out hollow (was plugged), EGR wart in exhaust ports die grinded smooth, gasket...
  9. 2.9L Rebuild - performance improvement advice

    Can I delete the Vacuum reservoir under the air box? The red EGR line goes to it before the EGR solenoid, and I am deleting the EGR. It would make more room under the hood without the Res so I am wondering if it does much for vacuum components other than the EGR. Please advise
  10. Transmission Rebuild - FM145 87 Ranger 4x4 2.9L

    Alright something a touch down from 80w90. Spoke to a trusted mechanic, worked for ford when they used to see these transmissions, said no to engine oil too. Said the synchromesh should have been ok in there.. Doubtful I'll see a dime from the trans shop. They should have looked into the 5th...
  11. Transmission Rebuild - FM145 87 Ranger 4x4 2.9L

    You are right it is a mtf... I am baffled as to why this happened now. Long highway miles in 5th before she went (two full days of driving across country) The plan for oil this time around was to use 15w40 I read somewhere on here that someone had been using 10w30 for 2 years with no ill effects
  12. 2.9L Rebuild - performance improvement advice

    I called a machine shop, they said it would be roughly $250 so I'm going to forget it for now. I am straight broke. I can understand that it makes less sense for a truck. The engine would be able to increase rpm's faster, and slow down faster, but for now, it is a daily drive truck. Less...
  13. Transmission Rebuild - FM145 87 Ranger 4x4 2.9L

    You can see the blueing to the thrush washer in the photo above from overheating. That big bearing on the right is the thrush washer and the washer is just beside it. This is the problem area for the FM145. I am curious if anyone has wrecked an FM tans before from running atf in them? The shop...
  14. 2.9L Rebuild - performance improvement advice

    Does anyone have any thoughts on turning the flywheel down a few pounds?
  15. Has anyone stroked there 2.9?

    $399 for new improved heads.. someone still making them... why why WHY much they force us to buy the long block to buy those heads! Man, I am learning a ton rebuilding my 2.9 right now. Just found the porting info I've been looking for in Pruetts book. Unbelievable.