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  1. 94 4.0 cranks, fires, dies

    If you look closely, you can see that cap is touching the component next to it, too. They're melted together.
  2. 94 4.0 cranks, fires, dies

    RonD, you nailed it. Took out the computer and found this:
  3. 94 4.0 cranks, fires, dies

    It gets better. Now we've gone from no fuel to ALL the fuel! As soon as I turn the key on, the injectors fill the cylinders with fuel, hydro-locking the engine. Swapped the damper on the fuel rail, no difference.
  4. 94 4.0 cranks, fires, dies

    So the new eBay fuel pump is junk. The ground wire is broken off. Then I touched the blue wire and off it came. This thing is only 6 months old and looks 20.
  5. 94 4.0 cranks, fires, dies

    Thanks for the welcome! The new fuel pump was put in when I first got the truck after it had sat 10 years. It was running well and just quit. Unfortunately, I'm not equipped to test pressure. CEL works as you described. I disconnected the TPS, no difference.
  6. 94 4.0 cranks, fires, dies

    Hi all. As evidenced by my username I'm not a Ford guy. I have this Ranger here that's making me nuts. When I got it I replaced the non working fuel pump assembly and filter. It ran fine. One day it was idling in the yard and died. Now it won't run. It cranks, runs for a second, then dies. I can...