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  1. Tach not accurate

    1991 3.0 XLT 5-speed; 268,000 miles. Bought the truck new; sold it to a friend and got it back recently. Now, the original tachometer is registering about 50% too high. When the engine is idling around 800 rpm, the tach is reading about 1300. Normal cruise at 2000 rpm is registering 3000...
  2. I'm back!

    I purchased my '91 Ranger in Sept 1991 with about 4 miles on it. I sold it in 2011 to the teenager who worked for me on the weekend when it had 198,000 miles. He used it through college; graduated; got married; moved away and gave it to his father-in-law (who is an old friend of mine). He...
  3. emissions fail; causes for high NOX?

    91 Ranger; 3.0 L; 5-spd. Failed emissions due to high NOX readings. CO% and HC counts were good. Any ideas where to start. New EGR, new cat or just an oil change? Anybody else have this problem. Any assistance would be much appreciated. - Jimmy
  4. help - '91 won't pass emission test

    My 3L 2wd (+180k miles) failed the VA emission test the other day. The shop wants $800 for a "major tune-up" which they say includes new plugs, wires, distributor cap and fuel filter. They also said they would adjust the timing. I told them no. The truck is running great and I don't want to...

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