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Recent content by LittleJohn

  1. Losing coolant, not burning

    '96 2.3L 2WD over 200k mi Never checked the actual radiator fluid except for when I bought the truck 2 months ago. I've always just looked at the resivour. About 3 weeks ago I noticed it was empty but that turned out to be the hose got disconnected rubbing against the air intake so I used a...
  2. After replacing the usual culprits, still bad MPG

    2.3L 4speed Auto with over 200k and no extra weight besides an aluminum tool box getting 18MPG. When I bought it used a few months ago, I figured it just had old parts and I started to do some tune-ups. Replaced spark plugs and wires New air filter Cleaned MAF Changed Oil and filter Cleaned...
  3. 2.3 '96 Leaking/seeping oil

    I changed the oil and filter almost immediately after buying the truck in June, so I don't know if it was leaking before. I tightened the drain plug just a little bit more and snugged the two small bolts on the plate behind the drain plug and I know they are not leaking. I sprayed the underside...

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