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  1. LittleBigFoot

    Dana 44

    Depending on how you wanna do it, you could run a divorced transfer case and set it up for passenger drop and use the dodge axles. As long as the driveshaft clears the oil pan and exhaust and all that shizz. That's what i'm doin on my crawler.
  2. LittleBigFoot

    Would it work???

    Run a 2wd transmission, a divorced transfercase, and a chevy axle. Biggest problem will be exhaust in the way.
  3. LittleBigFoot

    building a d44?

    I hear 10.25s get wood for 14 bolts. But then again, so do I.
  4. LittleBigFoot

    Full width dana 44 and 9" help adive ect

    There's my little girl. Soon to receive a heart transplant from the dark side. 44/9 combo with questionable amounts of lift and 35" LTBs and the wheel base hacked from 126" to 112" There's plenty of pics the SAS'ed rigs in the tech library and under the extreme suspension forums. Check the...
  5. LittleBigFoot

    3.0 Problems. Help Appreciated!

    2000 Ranger, 3.0 Flex, 130,000 miles. After dealing with a bunch of fuel problems, now I have a really bad missfire. It crept up on me all of the sudden and now my truck can't even get out of it's own way. It only misses under a load. When I rev it in neutral it sounds fine. It's horrible in...
  6. LittleBigFoot

    need some input on building my rockcrawler

    Yota axles could be sick. There's a bunch of solid axle coil sprung land rovers or range rovers. What ever the hell rovers ran the funny lookin little solid front with the e locker. They only ask 180 for an axle with disks regardless of the axle...
  7. LittleBigFoot

    Fuel Issues: Contemplating pushing it into a field and lighting it on fire.

    I have a 2000 Ranger crawler. 3.0 flex, vin:V Need some fuel problem help. I upgraded to a 33 gallon tank out of an old bronco. I adapted the bronco's fuel sending unit to work with the Ranger, along with the Ranger's pump and canister. Havin tons of problems now. The symptoms: Fuel pump...
  8. LittleBigFoot

    Halloween Night Run at Slaughter House (Colorado)

    I get off work at the bar between 2 and 3 on Halloween. Just checkin interest in a late night run through Slaughter House on Halloween. Me and Oatmealman are already in. Hopin to have some company. Sound off!
  9. LittleBigFoot

    Need Some Photo Shoppin' (Not a rim/tire/paint/lift job)

    I'm debating shortening my wheel base. I can't decide if want to build a tube bed and loose the stock bedsides, or if I just want to shorten my bed and keep the stock, but short look. Either way it's getting caged, but I dig the step side Here's the photo to work with: And here's my crappy...
  10. LittleBigFoot

    Off Road Addiction: The 12 Step Program

    I was jokin' about it in another thread, so why not? 1) Admitting we are powerless with out our tools, bailing wire, duct tape, and BFHs. The cracks in our frame have become too big to patch. 2) Coming to realize a longer and greater wheeling trip can only return us to our sanity. 3) Made a...
  11. LittleBigFoot

    EB 9" small bearing vs. BroncoII 7.5"

    Will you be my sponsor?
  12. LittleBigFoot

    EB 9" small bearing vs. BroncoII 7.5"

    IIRC the 9's found in trucks/fsb's with a 400 or bigger got a 31(?) spline 9. The axle tubes fron the 31 spline 9 are the same size (od) as the 31 spline sploder 8.8s. No clue about actuall material thickness. The 9's great cause you can get thirds built and then install. A guy on ebay will...
  13. LittleBigFoot

    Project: Moose Knuckle; Part III

    Here's the run down as of 11/9/09: Front axle / suspension / steering: Full Width HP Dana 44 Front, 4.30 gears, molly shafts, SORD high steer arms w/ chevy flat top knuckles, 52" leaves, 8" shackles, SOA, 5/8 U bolts, home built high angle drive shaft, 3/4 ton van PS box, home brew shock...
  14. LittleBigFoot

    Yes... I'm asking about a Dana 30.

    I blew up a u joint (un tacked caps) and an the front right axle shaft of my D44. With a 3.0, 4.30 gearing, and 35x15" meats. Old shit wears down New shit gets better (usually) every year Big shit brakes Little shit brakes Which shit is cheaper and easier to replace?
  15. LittleBigFoot

    High Stall TC for a 4r44e?

    We all know the 3.0 is gutless. And it doesn't start making "move" till 2 or 3 grand. Even in 4lo the power band just isn't where it's needed to start movin big shoes. I'm thinkin underdrive pullies, 1.7 rockers, and some port matching. Then gearing the diffs after seeing what's up with my rpms...

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