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  1. lil'_big_truck

    first drive of spring!

    Hey all, As most of you know, I've been working on a 76 baja bug for a while now and I got to take it out today for the first time in a long time. :headbang: I had to do some problem solving first though. Turns out, when you have a car that sits almost all winter, the fuel goes bad :annoyed...
  2. lil'_big_truck

    Got a new Toy.....ota

    hey all, It's been a while since I've posted anything. I just picked up a 97 FJ-80 Land Cruiser for a steal :yahoo:. It's got locking front and rear diffs, leather interior, power everything, 3rd row fold up seats, and a few minor problems (blown speaker, small gas tank leak, electrical...
  3. lil'_big_truck

    Towing a beetle

    Hey all, So some friends and I are starting to plan a summer trip to silverlake so bomb around the dunes and whatnot. What I was wondering was would my truck (97 3.0 4x4 w/ class 3 hitch) be able to tow my baja bug(~1600lbs) on a car trailer? I've flat towed it and used a dolly before but...
  4. lil'_big_truck

    VW Baja Update

    all, I've done a few things since my last update. Most noteably of which, I painted the wheels black a la Cvar. At this point the car is pretty much finished. :yahoo: All that's left is to repair a worn shift rod bushing, put in a radio, and reupholster the seats. That'll probably happen...
  5. lil'_big_truck

    speedo just quit

    Hey all, So I went on vacation recently (for about 4 days( and when I got back, my speedometer wasn't working. It wasn't behaving oddly before the trip. It just read 0 when I started driving it today. any ideas? It's a 97 4x4 :icon_confused:
  6. lil'_big_truck

    Took the bug to the strip

    Hey all, It's been a while. I've been finishing up the beetle and this weekend, my friends wanted to go to the drag strip. I figured what teh hell and went. The bug did pretty well for a 37 year old beetle. It ran a 18.568s 1/4 mile with a top speed of 73.12mph. It felt a lot faster than...
  7. lil'_big_truck

    It lives!!!!

    hey all, For all that haven't been following my build thread, I've been building a '76 baja bug. Just thought I'd share the first video of it running and driving! :yahoo: It's really quick but that part isn't in the video. The transmission is making a lot of noise, which I think is probably...
  8. lil'_big_truck

    Interesting night in the woods

    So this Saturday I went out to a friends farm and rode around with a bunch of quads. Did some water crossings and rescued the quads. Then on one unfortunate quad rescue, the truck slid sideways into the mudhole it had just pulled a quad from. It proceeded to sink 30" into the muck. 3 quads...
  9. lil'_big_truck

    Found this, What do you think?

    hey all, So cruising around today something caught my eye. I found a 1972 IH Scout II for sale. The owner wants $4900 for it. I was wondering what everyone thought was a fair price to pay for it. The body is in good shape except for the typical rust in the corners. The frame has a lot of...
  10. lil'_big_truck

    more off roading and a small jump

    here are the pics from today. mainly just trailblazing with a small jump I found. in the thicket: http://s1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc513/jschig/?action=view&current=IMG_3629.mp4 the jump :headbang: http://s1215.photobucket.com/albums/cc513/jschig/?action=view&current=jump.mp4
  11. lil'_big_truck

    Big Rock Off Road

    Anybody ever been there / want to go there? Its in Maysville Kentucky and looks sweet. I've never been trail riding and want to try my hand at it but I don't know anybody near me who has a 4x4 that would want to go. Anybody here up for it sometime before the end of October...
  12. lil'_big_truck

    a little off-roading

    hey all, So here in southern Ohio It rained for a day or so for the first time in a long time. Co I decided to do a bit of wheeling. Wasn't the sloshiest mud but it was still fun. And somehow I managed to put a hole in the side of a kevlar reinforced tire. haha. its a good thing I had the...
  13. lil'_big_truck

    The ranger's getting old

    hey all, just a short blurb. My ranger hit the 150,000mi mark yesterday. It's been good so far, hopefully it can make it another 150. :icon_cheers: Just thought'd i'd brag about it making it this far
  14. lil'_big_truck

    New Tires!!!

    hey all, So my tires were getting worn out and then the other day, I hit something and it took a good sized chunk out of one of my tires. So I had to replace them. I was waiting until winter but oh well. anyway, here are the pics: damaged tire: new tires: I love that new tire smell :D
  15. lil'_big_truck

    VW electrical problem

    hey all, I know my bug isn't a ranger but i figured you guys could still help me diagnose a problem with it. So the other day I hopped in it and tried to start it up and nothing happened besides the starter motor turning. I tried to push start it and it still wouldn't start. not even a cough...